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A bed of dianthus flowers in Grand Rapids. MI.

Annual Flowers Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, MI & Nearby Areas

Adorn your lanscape with colorful annual flowers!

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We Provide Annual Flower Installations for Properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, & Nearby Communities in MI

Add bursts of color and vibrancy to your landscape with an annual flower installation. Seasonal color is available for residential and commercial properties in both spring and fall!

A bed of pansies in Ada, MI.

No landscape is truly complete without a pop of color! They're so popular because they grow and bloom in one season then die off, which eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance. In autumn, you can fill your landscape with fall-colored pansies and marigolds then switch to bright petunias and geraniums. Annual flowers are eye-pleasing and vibrant elements that add natural beauty to both homes and businesses. Seasonal color is the perfect addition to commercial properties because customers are more likely to frequent places that maintain a well-kept and beautiful appearance. Guests may feel more welcomed and cheerful when visiting your home if they're greeted by a bunch of lovely flowers.

We are firm believers in beautiful landscapes! An annual flower installation is just what your property needs to add a final touch of splendor. Our company provides annual flower installations for residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, MI, and neighboring communities.

Popular Spring Annuals in the Grand Rapids Area

Spring annual flowers are planted in spring and typically last until early fall. They thrive in warm weather and come in a variety of bright colors. Here are the most popular spring annuals that we plant in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area:

  • Petunias are a local favorite in our area because they're extremely easy to grow. Think of the many colors in the rainbow and that'll give you an idea of how many colors this flower comes in. They need 4 hours of sunlight but can tolerate more.
  • What a delightful little flower a zinnia is! Available in bright hues of pink, red, and orange, you'll feel like it's summer in the springtime. They love warm weather and can grow from 4ft to 6ft tall.
  • Geraniums are sun-loving plants and one of the most popular spring flowers. These are low-growing flowers with 4 or 5 petals and come in a few different colors including, white, pink, blue, and lavender.

Choose from these complementary fall annuals.

Multiple colors of cool season annual croton plants near Grand Rapids, MI.

You don't have to give up your seasonal color in the fall! There are a number of flowers that can live the cool autumn weather, and some are even frost-tolerant. Here are a few of our favorite fall annuals:

  • Pansies are old-fashioned flowers that bloom heavy and provide delightful cool-season color. They come in a variety of different colors but their fall hues are our favorite. They look great either planted, potted, or in hanging baskets.
  • If you want a plant that perfectly complements your pumpkins and fall decor, crotons are our top pick. These plants can be found in rich colors of orange, red, and yellow. They thrive in cold weather making them ideal cool-season flowers.
  • Spring-lovers who enjoy seasonal color in the fall will love the dianthus flower because they come in semi-bright colors of white, red, pink, and purple. They are a cool-season favorite known for the lovely fragrance they give off when in bloom.

Annual flowers are a low-maintenance option for bringing diversity and color to your landscape.

Annual flowers last months and only need a minimal amount of maintenance compared to other plants like perennials. They don't require any trimming and pruning, leaving you with the small task of making sure they get enough water and sunlight- or not too much sunlight for your cool-season annuals.

The fact that annual flowers come in a wide range of different colors and hues makes them that much more loveable. Some flowers have a few large petals and some have small bunches of petals, that's the beauty of diversity! Whether you prefer big or small, or bright or pastel, you can enjoy seasonal color in both spring and fall.

Brighten up your home or business with an annual color installation.

Your visitors and customers won't get enough of the colorful flowers you put out in the spring and fall! Homeowners and business owners can both benefit from a pop of seasonal color in their landscape. We've been installing annual flowers in the Grand Rapids area for over 15 years! You can trust us to carefully and properly plant annual flowers for your property in Ada, Cascade, or a nearby city. Call us at (616) 293-0361 to schedule an installation today!

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