Have you ever had a gathering with family and friends where you just did not have enough seating? Were the chairs you did have a hassle to set up and put away again? Are you looking to make a statement on your property with a durable, low-maintenance hardscape? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a seating wall may be the perfect addition to your home. Seating walls provide property owners with plenty of seating with no need to set them up or put them away. They also are extremely durable and require little maintenance to stay looking great. Continue reading to learn about why you should incorporate a seating wall into your landscape design.

1. A seating wall will make gatherings a breeze.

Concrete seating wall built on patio in Grand Rapids, MI.

Anyone who has ever held a social gathering or family get-together at their home knows that getting out all the chairs you need is quite the hassle; it is just as bad when you have to put them all away again at the end of the gathering! With a seating wall, you would never need to stress about seating arrangements again. Incorporating a seating wall (or even more than one) means that no one would ever be without a place to sit down, relax, and enjoy your get-together. If you have large gatherings often, a seating wall is the perfect way to provide seating for your guests. It may even become a topic of conversation amongst your guests!

2. Seating walls are extremely durable and low-maintenance.

Seating wall installed in green lawn in West Olive, MI.

In addition to being incredibly convenient, seating walls are also an extremely durable and low-maintenance hardscape. Seating walls are typically built from natural stones, boulders, or concrete blocks, which means that they do not get damaged by sun or rain, and they do not break down, crack, or rust. Seating walls also do not get nearly as visibly dirty as your typical lawn chair, and if you do want to clean them, all they need is a quick spray-down with your hose. Compare this to outdoor chairs and seats that often require scrubbing, mending, or some other form of upkeep and it's easy to see that seating walls are the more durable and convenient option.

3. A seating wall is a beautiful statement piece.

Seating wall installed around fire put with lounge chairs added in Marne, MI.

Adding a seating wall to your property is a great way to make a statement. Whether you choose to build it with concrete, boulders, or natural stone, a seating wall adds a bold, unique touch to any landscape design. A seating wall can also break up your yard in an aesthetically pleasing way. Seating walls can also be incorporated into hardscapes that already exist on your property. For example, if you already have a stone patio, attaching a seating wall to the patio in matching stone would be a great way to achieve a more finished look for your property. Or, if you have a fire pit, you can build the seating wall around it to provide a designed place to sit and enjoy the fire.

Seating walls are great investments as they can increase the value of your property!

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Whether you are looking to more conveniently seat more people at your get-togethers, spend less time cleaning and replacing your outdoor chairs, or simply make a statement with a custom hardscape, a seating wall is the perfect option. Seating walls are a durable, low-maintenance way to add a decorative and functional feature to your property.

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