Our crew at Rose Landscape Services worked on a backyard makeover in Ada, Michigan. Our clients had a large backyard area that they wanted to take advantage of. However, because it was on a slope, they weren't able to utilize the space how they wanted to. Luckily, we knew exactly how to tackle this problem. After meeting with them, we decided to construct two retaining walls to create usable flat space. Next, we built a custom patio on each level using Unilock Rich Cliff XL paving stones and built stone steps that connected the two patios levels and also provided access to the yard. And finally, we added an icebox and grill to the top level, placed a hot tub on the second level, and installed outdoor lighting using LED lights so that they could enjoy their new outdoor area after sunset.

Retaining Walls Added Space & Beauty to Their Property

Newly built retaining walls, steps, and landscape beds behind our client's home in Ada, MI.

With this project, the first and most important thing we had to do was create usable flat space. Because their backyard was sloped, we decided that retaining walls were the best option. We built two sets of retaining walls using Unilock U-Cara material to create a two-tier patio. This added a ton of usable space to their property and gave it a beautiful and unique look that they absolutely loved.

We Created a Custom Patio & Installed Stone Steps

Our client's finished backyard complete with hot tub, retaining walls, pergola, and more in Ada, MI.

Now that we had some flat space to work with, it was time to install the patio and steps. During the consultation phase of the project, our clients had decided that they wanted a custom patio that would truly enhance the aesthetics of their backyard. After going over some options with them, they settled on Unilock Rich Cliff XL paving stones. We used this material for both levels of their patio and it turned out great! They were thrilled with the way that it looked and how it perfectly complemented the retaining walls.

Because this patio area was two levels, we needed to build out steps to connect them. We also wanted to connect the rest of their yard with the patios, so we needed to build steps from the second level to the yard as well. We used the same material that we constructed the retaining walls with to build these steps. The steps turned out fantastic and our clients were happy to have gorgeous steps that provided them with easy access to every part of their backyard area.

Our finishing touches included adding an icebox, grill, and outdoor lighting to their backyard.

Our landscapers carefully installing a hot tub with a crane on our client's patio in Ada, MI.

Once the retaining walls, steps, and patios were finished, it was time to add some finishing touches. Our clients wanted a space to entertain friends and cook, so they decided to have us install a custom grill that we built using the same Unilock U-Cara material that we built their retaining walls and steps with. This blended the grill perfectly into the rest of the landscape. We also added an icebox so they could have a place to store their food and drinks.

On the second level of their patio, we installed a new hot tub. This gave them the perfect spot to relax and added a beautiful focal point to their backyard. And finally, they wanted to be able to enjoy their new backyard space anytime they wanted, not just when the sun was up. So, we installed an outdoor lighting system using high-quality LED lights that allowed them to take full advantage of their backyard after nightfall.

In addition to looking beautiful, our LED lights are also extremely energy efficient!

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