As we approach warmer weather here in Michigan, you may be starting to plan out a new hardscape feature for your outdoor space. There aren't many times in life that you can have your cake and eat it too, but by using pavers in your hardscape features, you can! Pavers blend both creativity and functionality, making them the perfect hardscaping material. They can be laid out in patterns to create different effects, from a clean stacked bond to an intricate basketweave. If one paver happens to break or chip, it's easy to replace that single paver rather than having to uproot and replace the entire design. And of course, there are so many paver options to choose from that everyone can find an option to match their style. Some popular material options include brick, stone, concrete, and more. With all these upsides on top of their durability, pavers are the perfect option for your hardscape project!

Pavers can be laid in a pattern like stacked bond, herringbone, basketweave, and more.

Patio using pavers stacked in Grand Rapids, MI.

The versatility of pavers is what helps them to stand out amongst other hardscape materials. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and textures, but the way you lay them out can also add character! Some popular pattern options are:

  • Stacked bond: Each paver will be aligned in the same direction and orientation. This pattern is very clean and simple for those that prefer an understated design.
  • Running bond: Every paver is offset by half when compared to surrounding rows, so the middle of a paver is aligned with the end of the pavers below and above it. This keeps a clean pattern while adding more interest than a stacked bond.
  • Herringbone: The ends of two pavers are aligned to create a right angle, creating a directional effect in your paver pattern.
  • Basketweave: In this pattern, two pavers will be laid horizontally and the next two laid vertically, creating a weave pattern in your hardscape. This adds a lot of intricate detail to your paver design.

To add complexity, your basketweave pattern can be single, double, or boxed offset for even more interest!

If a paver breaks or chips, you can replace it without uprooting and replacing the entire design.

Because your paver pattern will be made of individual pieces, it adds a modular aspect that makes repairs a breeze. When you use other materials, if any part becomes damaged, it could mean that repair involves uprooting and replacing the entire design which can be costly. When a paver happens to break or chip, you can pull up that individual piece and replace it without needing to disturb the pavers around it. The convenience of simple repairs is something you'll thank yourself for later!

Common paver types include brick, stone, concrete, and more!

Fire pit made out of brick pavers in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pavers come in a wide variety of options so that everyone can find their style! Common paver types include:

  • Brick: Brick pavers are a classic building material that will add elegance to your landscape.
  • Stone: Stone pavers bring natural beauty to your hardscape project and often add interesting texture as well.
  • Concrete: For those who prefer simple and clean, concrete pavers are a reliable option that looks great.
  • ... and more!

All these options are durable, so consider which paver type would work best to complement your lawn, landscape, and other hardscaping features.

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