So, you have decided that you want to add a new fire feature to your outdoor living space. However, the next decision is the difficult one; will you build a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace? They both provide functional and aesthetic benefits, so it really comes down to your personal needs and preferences. To make your decision easier, here are some factors to consider when choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace: How many people will be enjoying your new fire feature? What time of year do you plan on utilizing your fire feature? What are your design goals for your fire feature?

How many people will use your fire feature?

Outdoor fireplace with lounging area in front of it in Kentwood, MI.

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces have different space requirements, so how many people you expect to use your fire feature is an important thing to keep in mind. Because fire pits are intended to be gathered around like a campfire, they require more space and more people can enjoy them at a time. Outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, are usually sat in front of, kind of like a television set. You would not seat people all around a television set in a circle; that would not make sense because you need to be seated in front of it to enjoy it. The same goes for an outdoor fireplace. Another factor that can go into deciding which fire feature you want is what kind of landscape layout you already have. Outdoor fireplaces fit well when incorporated onto the edge of a patio or up against an existing wall; so, if you already have a patio or a wall you'd like to highlight, an outdoor fireplace could be for you. If your property has a lot of open, usable space, a fire pit may be a better fit.

What time of year will you use your fire feature?

Some homeowners would argue that one of the best things about outdoor fire features is that you can use them all year round, regardless of the weather. While that is true, you still need to consider which times of the year you will likely be using your fire feature the most. If you are planning on using it in the early spring or late fall, you might want to go with an outdoor fireplace because they hold heat better and longer and make the space warmer. If you are planning on using it in the late spring or summer months, the heat your fire feature produces might not be so much of a concern for you; in that case, a fire pit may be your best option because they give off less heat.

What are your design goals for your fire feature?

Fire pit installed on back patio with benches in Grand Rapids, MI.

When choosing which kind of fire feature you want, an important thing to ask yourself is what kind of experience you want your fire feature to provide. Are you looking to make a bold, unique statement with your new fire feature? An outdoor fireplace might be for you. Are you looking to add a simple hardscape that blends well with the rest of your landscape design? Go with a fire pit.

Most fire pits and fireplaces can be either gas-burning or wood-burning.

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