While your landscape shrubs require trimming throughout the year to keep them shapely and visually appealing, they also require fall trimming to prepare them for the upcoming cold winter months. Trimming your landscape shrubs in the autumn also clears out old dead branches, encourages new growth, and helps prevent pest infestation and the spread of diseases.

Here is how fall trimming benefits your landscape shrubs in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Fall Trimming Encourages New Growth in Spring

New growth in shrubs after proper fall trimming and pruning in Grand Rapids, MI.

When your landscape becomes overgrown, it makes it difficult for new growth to emerge. Old, dying branches take up valuable resources and space needed for new plants to grow in your landscape. Trimming, particularly in the autumn, clears out all the old and dying plants and makes room for new ones to grow. Some plants, like perennials and some fruit trees, actually require fall trimming and pruning to keep them in prime shape and encourage growth when spring returns.

Trimming Prepares Your Shrubs for Winter

Right before winter sets in, your plants transition from a growing state into a food storage state to prepare for their upcoming winter dormancy. During this time your landscape plants work to absorb as many nutrients as they can to fuel and sustain themselves throughout the harsh winter months. Trimming aids in this by removing any dead, dying, or diseased branches from your plants and shrubs. Branches that are diseased or dying steal nutrients from the rest of your plant in an effort to keep themselves alive. Rather than feeding the lively parts of your plants, nutrients get split amongst the healthy and dying limbs, thus reducing the number of nutrients the healthy parts of your plant receives. Trimming off these unhealthy parts ensures your plant stays healthy and is able to absorb the nutrients it needs to sustain itself during the winter.

Autumn Trimming Services Prevent Diseases & Pests

Shrubs trimmed in autumn to prevent disease and pests in Grand Rapids, MI.

If any of your landscape plants ever become infested with pests or infected with a contagious disease, then trimming off these parts can help save the rest of the plant as well as keep the disease from spreading to the rest of your landscape. Pests are most often attracted to weak, diseased, and dying parts of your plants as these areas are the most susceptible. Trimming weak and dying parts of your plant helps prevent the development of diseases and pest infestation, and helps save your landscape plants in the event that they do ever become infected.

Landscape trimming is just one of the beneficial services we offer during our fall yard cleanups that help prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter months.

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