There are several ways to create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden for your property. Selecting native plants, which we have in abundance here in Grand Rapids, MI, for your garden is one of the ways you can begin to establish a low-maintenance garden. Native plants are ideal for a low-maintenance garden because they're much easier to grow and manage. When researching plants native to your area, it's also important to consider what types of plants will thrive in your particular property. Different plants have different needs and depend on certain conditions to survive. Lastly, when planning your low-maintenance garden, it's worth considering whether you want to install mulch or rock ground coverings for your landscape beds. Not only does a ground covering elevate your garden aesthetically, but they also provide many benefits, such as suppressing weeds from popping up in your garden.

Native plants are perfect for a low-maintenance garden.

Purple hydrangeas growing on a garden by a home in Plainfield, MI.

A great way to start building your low-maintenance garden is to invest in plants native to your area. Native plants have many qualities that make them ideal for a low-maintenance garden. Here are some of the benefits of sticking with native plant species:

  • Native plants tend to have deeper roots than their invasive counterparts, so they absorb a lot of water, meaning they don't require as much watering.
  • Native plants are already well adapted to the local climate and ecosystem, so they will thrive without needing additional care services such as fertilizer treatments.

Select the right plants that will thrive on your property.

There are several factors to consider when selecting what plants you'd like to plant on your property. It's always important to make sure you have the right type of plant that will thrive in your area. You wouldn't want your plants to wither away in suboptimal conditions. Below are some important factors to consider when selecting plants for your low-maintenance garden:

  • Some plants need more sunlight than others to thrive. You'll want to consider which plants will do well on your property based on how much sunlight they need and how much sunlight your garden gets.
  • Consider the soil conditions in your garden. If you have fast-draining soil, make sure you select plants that thrive in that type of soil.
  • Certain areas are prone to heavier snowfalls for instance, so it's good to be aware of what plants can survive harsher conditions.

Ask your local landscaping company what native plants they offer, and they can help you select the right ones that will flourish in your garden!

Invest in a mulch or rock ground covering to support your garden.

Our landscape professional placing mulch by some healthy yellow flowers in Cascade, MI.

Another way to help foster that low-maintenance garden is to invest in a mulch or rock ground covering. Not only does a ground covering make your garden look cleaner, but there are also several benefits to installing a ground covering in your landscape beds. Here are some of the ways a ground covering can create a low-maintenance garden:

  • A ground covering can suppress weeds from growing, reducing the need for weed control.
  • A ground covering helps regulate soil temperatures. This keeps your plants safe from drastic temperature changes, so you don't have to do any work to help them recover.
  • A ground covering conserves soil moisture. This keeps your plants hydrated for longer, meaning you don't have to water them as much.

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