Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are charming and always an excellent addition to your property. Not to mention that it's an area where your family can gather to bond and have fun. But proper care and safety must be practiced to ensure that there will not be any accidents.

Even before you have the outdoor fireplace or fire pit installed, you want to make sure that you are already up to speed with any city ordinances related to the construction. It would also be good to have a water source outside or have a fire extinguisher handy.

Once your outdoor fireplace is set up, make sure to prune your trees and keep brush piles and propane tanks away from the area. It's also good to be aware of what the weather conditions are so you can determine if it's alright to use. Here are more tips to reduce the risk of accidents or fires.

There are some things you need to consider before installing your fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Distance between chairs and fire pit for safety in Ada, MI.

Know what your city ordinances are

If you are thinking of having an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, better make sure you are up-to-date on the regulations in your state or county regarding outdoor burning. Some areas may not allow them due to the risk of fires, while some implement a burn ban for a period of time. Check with your local government first, so you know whether a fire feature is good option for your property.

If possible, keep the fire feature at a distance from your home or main landscape plant area by at least 10-20 feet.

Install it near an outside water source

If everything is okay with the state or county ordinances and you can have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit constructed, you might also want to consider having it installed near a water source, such as a hose or water spigot. That way, you have easy access to water in case the fire gets a bit out of control. If a water source is not nearby, we recommend buying a fire extinguisher and storing it nearby. You can also have a bucket of sand, as that is also helpful in smoothering fires.

Safety must be practiced at all times after the construction of your new fire pit of fireplace.

Wood placed beside fire pit for safety precautions in Grand Rapids, MI.

Keep fuel at a distance from the fire.

Once it is constructed, you must also take measures to ensure your safety. Keep all fuel away from the fire area. These include any extra propane tank you have, woodpiles, or brush piles. If the outdoor fireplace or fire pit area is near trees or other plants, always keep them pruned and cut any low-hanging branches. Any yard waste such as branches and dead leaves must be kept out of the immediate vicinity of the fire area.

Always be aware of the weather conditions in your area.

It's also important to use common sense. You cannot just start a fire any time you want. All regulations must be followed. If your local area is experiencing a drought, using any fire feature is not recommended. Even the smallest embers can catch dry natural areas on fire and these fires can spread rapidly. Windy days are also risky because the wind can carry these embers and catch dry areas on fire. Of course, you should never leave the fire unattended. Make sure all embers are out before you turn in for the night.

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