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Why Your Yard Needs Fall Cleanup Services

Why Your Yard Needs Fall Cleanup Services

Bi-annual yard cleanups are very important and beneficial for the health and beauty of your yard, especially during the fall. Autumn cleanups prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months, create space for new growth, and keep your yard free of dangerous pests and diseases.

At Rose Landscape Services, we always encourage clients to schedule fall cleanup services to keep their lawn and yard healthy and safe. Here is how your yard benefits from fall cleanup services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Fall Cleanup Services Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Fall cleanups are incredibly important for your lawn. During the fall, your grass goes into food storage mode, absorbing and storing as many nutrients as it can to sustain itself for winter dormancy. When leaves, debris, and other matter covers your lawn, your grass is unable to gather up the nutrients it needs to prepare for winter. Removing this debris during a fall yard cleanup helps prepare your lawn for the winter by granting it access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients.

Your Yard Has More Space for New Growth

When debris litters your lawn, it takes up valuable space for plant growth. In order to ensure your yard has ample space for new growth in the springtime, it’s pivotal to remove all clutter and debris from your yard in the fall. When you schedule a fall cleanup for your yard, professionals will meticulously remove all debris, fallen leaves off your lawn, and ...

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Why Your Yard Benefits from Leaf Removal Services

Why Your Yard Benefits from Leaf Removal Services

Fall leaves definitely have a certain appeal to them; they coat your yard with warm autumn colors and help you get in the mood for shorter days and cooler months. While letting these golden leaves accumulate in your yard may seem harmless, they actually pose many health risks to your lawn and those who walk across it.

Allowing a layer of leaves to accumulate on your lawn kills your grass, promotes diseases and mold, and hides dangerous pests that can be lethal to people and pets who come into contact with them. If you live in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas of %%statefull%%, here is how your yard benefits from leaf removal services.

Your Lawn Can Grow Unhindered

Warm autumn leaves may add color to your yard, but they kill your grass. Your lawn needs access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy. A blanket of leaves suffocates your lawn by blocking these essential ingredients it needs to grow. Without proper sunlight, your grass can’t go through photosynthesis and therefore is unable to absorb nutrients it needs to thrive. Leaf removal services like the ones offered by Rose Landscape Services remove all leaves from your yard and ensure your lawn can breathe and have access to all the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy throughout the season.

Removing Leaves Removes Diseases, Fungi, & Mold

Leaf clutter across your yard poses potential health issues for not only your lawn but your...

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