One of the hallmark features of an excellent outdoor space is a patio. If you plan on using pavers for your new patio in Michigan, there are several popular patterns that you can choose from. Herringbone, running bond, I-pattern, and ashlar are interesting patterns that you can consider implementing. These patterns feature distinct aesthetics for your new paver patio, and you can't go wrong with any of them, so the final decision comes down to your personal style and preference!

1. Herringbone

The herringbone pattern is a classic aesthetic that will make your new patio look beautiful. This pattern involves placing the pavers diagonally at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle, creating a zigzag pattern where pavers are alternately positioned horizontally and vertically. It resembles the bare spine of a herring fish, hence its name, and results in an eye-catching design for your patio! Aside from its timeless beauty, the herringbone pattern also creates a structurally stable surface, making it an ideal pattern for an outdoor living feature that will see lots of foot traffic.

You can use the same paver pattern as your patio for your walkway to create a cohesive look across your outdoor space.

2. Running Bond

Another popular pattern that you can use for your paver patio is running bond. With this pattern, pavers are placed side by side, and each row is staggered to create a style that resembles the infamous subway tile. Running bond displays a simple aesthetic that seamlessly marries the beauty of traditional masonry and modern minimalistic styles. Another great thing about this pattern is that you can use it for irregularly shaped patios, following intricate curves to highlight their figure. You can also use different colors of pavers for the running bond pattern if you want a mesmerizing display for your patio!

3. I-Pattern

The I-pattern is another eye-catching assembly of pavers for your new patio. To create this pattern, you need to attach two vertical pavers together and then put two horizontal pavers at each end to create a capitalized letter "I," repeating it all over to create as many as possible. Then, you can use square pavers to fill in the gaps between each "I." Once done, this pattern boasts an intriguing look that can make your patio a striking centerpiece in your outdoor living space.

4. Ashlar

Ashlar is another interesting pattern that can elevate the style of your new patio. This pattern can be created by placing the pavers in a random design and repeating it over the entire structure, making installation easier and faster. Various paver shapes and colors can be used for this pattern, offering flexibility in design possibilities! Ashlar is great for breaking any monotony in your outdoor space since it doesn't follow strict installation rules and allows you to achieve a unique look for your patio.

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