Here in Michigan, a retaining wall can go a long way! Not only is this structure stunning, but it can help prevent rain and snow from eroding your soil and even protect the foundation of your property! If you're looking to install a retaining wall, you should know the correct way to do it. You'll want to make sure that you use a material that will be strong and durable and you'll need to make sure that you have all the right tools to complete the project. Then, you'll want to properly prepare the base, install the material, and plan for drainage. However, there are a ton of mistakes that you could make when installing your own retaining wall, so to ensure the job gets done the right way, you should reach out to a professional to install your retaining wall for you.

Before building a retaining wall, you'll need to buy tools and materials.

The beautiful brick and concrete materials this retaining wall is made from in Ada, MI.

Before building a retaining wall, there are many small intricacies to take into account! Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you will need to choose between different construction materials — concrete blocks, natural stones, and boulders — to build the retaining wall.

Then, you'll need to ensure you have all the tools needed to complete the task. The tools can vary from a tape measure to a mini excavator.

Some cities in Michigan require a permit to build a retaining wall. You'll need to check to see what your city's restrictions are.

Installing a retaining wall requires preparing the base and handling drainage.

Laying the foundation of a retaining wall with a trench, tarp, and pipe.

In the building stage, it's important you focus on preparing the base of the retaining wall, managing drainage, installing the wall, and finishing. Here is a more detailed description of each step:

  • Preparing the base: To prepare the base, a trench deep enough to reach a stable layer of subsoil must be dug. The retaining wall will be heavy, so it will need a lot of stability. Then, filter fabric should coat the trench.
  • Drainage: A pipe should be placed at the bottom of the trench. Toward the end of the installation, the drainage layer should be backfilled with a layer of gravel and wrapped in the filter fabric used to prepare the base.
  • Installation: First, a gravel base should be installed and leveled. Then, rows of the material you chose can be added. Keep in mind, there will be a drainage layer behind the blocks of material.
  • Finishing: To finish, a layer of topsoil should cover the filter fabric after installation.

You could easily make a mistake so you should hire professionals to install your retaining wall.

Retaining wall built with precision and excellence by professional hardscapers in and around Ada, MI.

A lot of thought and planning goes into building a retaining wall, and it can be very easy to make a mistake if you try to install a retaining wall on your own, which is why you should hire professionals to install your retaining wall for you. Here are a few common mistakes you could make if you try to install your own retaining wall:

  • It won't be strong enough to stand up to the weight of the soil: The design and material need to sustain the weight of the soil behind it. If you don't install the wall correctly, it won't be strong enough to stand up tot he weight.
  • It won't drain properly: If you don't install the wall properly, it won't drain properly, and you could end up with costly damage sue to improper drainage.
  • It won't look good: Even if you get the wall up, it might not look good leaving you with an eye sore install of a beautiful retaining wall.

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