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Piles of leaves being cleared and bagged for disposal in Grand Rapids, MI.

Full-Service Leaf Removal Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, MI & Nearby Areas

Our full-service leaf removal service helps your lawn stay clear and debris-free for the fall.

Pickup My Leaves!

Leaf removal services provided for residential and commercial properties located in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, MI, and surrounding areas.

Having a leaf-free yard in the fall protects your grass from diseases and pests and keeps your lawn tidy all season long!

Rose Landscape Services lawn care worker removing leaves with leaf blower in Ada, MI.

The fall leaves are a beautiful sight, but not removing them from your yard poses certain risks to your lawn. Leaf clutter prevents your grass from receiving the sunlight, water, and other vital nutrients it needs to grow correctly. It also increases the likelihood of fall lawn diseases and pests.

Help protect your lawn this fall by letting our team at Rose Landscape Services clean and clear your yard with our leaf removal services. Residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and surrounding Michigan areas can benefit greatly from a leaf-free yard!

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How does your yard benefit from full-service leaf removal?

All kinds of factors can affect the health of your lawn, and a leaf-ridden yard is one of them. By using a professional leaf removal service, you can avoid lawn health issues like:

  • Weak and unhealthy grass growth: A blanket of leaves can suffocate your lawn and restrict both the grass and its root system from absorbing the proper nutrients.
  • Disease, mold, and fungi: A lawn covered in damp, rotting leaves continuously traps in moisture and creates the perfect environment for mold, fungi, and other lawn diseases to form.
  • Pest infestations: Pests like spiders, snakes, and rodents, love to hide under piles of leaves to seek shelter and keep warm in the cooler months.

Our full-service leaf removal keeps your lawn healthy and clean for the fall season!

Rose Landscape Services work truck removing leaves from a Grand Rapids, MI lawn.

Our team is ready and waiting all season long to help keep your yard leaf-free in the fall! We have all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently remove the leaves from your property and landscaping beds. We also include perennial and ornamental grass trimming, if needed, as part of our full-service deal!

Our full-service leaf removal process starts near the end of October/early November. Permitting there is good weather, we can also perform these services again in December to gather up any remaining leaves that have fallen since the first removal session.

One method of leaf disposal we offer is leaf mulching. We use our mowers to cut the leaves into tiny pieces so they can decompose and act as a fall fertilizer for your lawn!

Get Full-Service Leaf Removal

Take advantage of our full-service leaf removal and let us do the fall yard work for you!

Rose Landscape Services's full-service leave removal and fall cleanups let you enjoy the beauty of the autumn without doing all the yard work after! We stay busy all season long servicing residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby Michigan areas.

These spots fill up quickly, so we recommend scheduling your leaf removal service in advance! Call today at (616) 293-0361 for more information!

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