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Landscape worker trimming hedges with electric shears in Grand Rapids, MI.

Landscape TrimmingGrand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, MI & Nearby Areas

Keep your landscaping plants, shrubs, and small trees looking happy, healthy, and well cared for with our routine landscape trimming services.

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Landscape plant and shrub trimming for homes and businesses in Grand Rapids, MI and nearby cities.

Maintain your curb appeal by ensuring your plants, small trees, and shrubs are regularly trimmed by Rose Landscape Services.

When landscaping plants receive routine trimming services, it’s much easier to keep them maintained and looking healthy. Professional landscape trimming companies such as Rose Landscape Services are also able to inspect plants, shrubs, and small trees for signs of disease or insect infestation.

Maintain your curb appeal and make sure your plants don’t become unruly at your home or business in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and nearby areas by implementing a regular trimming schedule.

Landscape worker trimming bushes inside retaining wall planters.

Benefits of Trimming Your Landscape Plants, Shrubs, & Small Trees

Without a trimming schedule in place, the plants you’ve invested money into can end up suffering immensely. Plants need trimming to make sure they grow correctly, along with a myriad of other reasons. Here are some of the benefits of keeping your landscape plants, shrubs, and small trees trimmed.

Trimming allows you to control how large your plants grow.

Some shrubs can grow to quite a tall height unless they are trimmed regularly. If you’ve planted them in front of a window, for example, they could grow too tall and block your view of your outdoor space. In the same vein, if you want plants to grow to their maximum height, trimming is still required to maintain them and keep them at that height. Landscape trimming can also make sure that plants do not grow too close to a building, outdoor outlets, or other plants.

Regular trimming could help prevent your shrubs from dying.

When a professional landscape company trims your shrubs or other plants, they are able to also inspect the plant for any indicators of plant disease or insect infestations. In Michigan, we have a few problem insects such as the emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid that can quickly attack and overtake a small tree. Plant diseases, such as fungal diseases, are also a danger to your plants.

Trimming allows for more nutrients to circulate within the plant.

Trimming removes excess branches and leaves, which means there is now more room for the existing branches and leaves to absorb more nutrients. When a plant gets too crowded, it can block other parts from nutrients and end up weakening the structure of the plant. A proper trim can also help the plant, shrub, or tree grow thicker, fuller branches.

At Rose Landscape Services, we can trim small trees up to 12 feet in height.

When Routine Trimming Should Be Done for Plants, Small Trees, & Shrubs

Clipping limbs for tree and bush health with hand clippers in Cascade, MI.

Typically, trimming should be done twice a year for shrubs, small trees, and other landscape plants. One plant trimming should be done in late spring or early summer. A second shrub trimming should occur in fall, generally during a fall yard cleanup.

This schedule ensures that plants, trees, and shrubs reap the most benefits from landscape trimming services.

Do you need landscape trimming done for your home or business?

At Rose Landscape Services, we have the experience needed to make sure your landscape plants, shrubs, and small trees are trimmed properly and routinely. We service homes and businesses in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and other areas within Ottawa and Kent Counties. Give us a call today at (616) 293-0361 to set up an initial consultation.

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