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Beautiful flowers in landscape bed along a walkway in Cedar Springs, MI.

Cedar Springs, MI Landscaping Services & Installations

We offer landscape design, softscapes, outdoor kitchens, and much more for homes and businesses in Cedar Springs, MI.

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First-Class Landscaping Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in Cedar Springs, MI

We have been impressing clients in the Cedar Springs community for 19 years!

Cedar Springs, MI is located just 20 minutes north of Michigan's second-largest city, Grand Rapids. Cedar Springs is named for its iconic springs bordered by a grove of Cedar trees. Hosting a population of over 3,600, Cedar Springs offers a quaint atmosphere while still being in convenient proximity to larger cities and amenities. With rich traditions like the Red Flannel Festival, where citizens gather to "paint the city red" to celebrate the ingenuity of their community, it's clear that Cedar Springs is a small town that will remain squarely on the map!

Since 2003, Rose Landscape Services has proudly served the communities in and around Cedar Springs with the vision of creating landscapes that are as beautiful as the community members that inhabit them. We offer landscaping services from the design and installation of softscapes to complex outdoor living spaces, making sure that each project seamlessly fits into the landscapes around them.

Enhance your landscape with a stunning softscape, retaining wall, patio, and more.

Paved patio with firepit installed in Cedar Springs, MI.

We help property owners in Cedar Springs, MI obtain a landscape that reflects who they really are. Our landscape design process will get to the heart of your vision by utilizing 2D or 3D computer-aided renderings, ensuring we understand your goals before we green-light the project.

The first thing that guests will see when arriving at your home or business is the landscaping, so make sure the impression is good! We offer softscapes and planting to enhance your property, freshening it with new plants and fresh mulch for a well-maintained appearance. When creating landscape beds, we'll consider the size and shape of your property to make certain that our landscaping complements it perfectly.

For an upgrade that's sure to wow your neighbors or passersby, consider our custom driveway installations. Our driveways are constructed of high-quality, durable materials that also look great visually, so your guests will love both the look and safety of accessing your property. We can install matching walkways and patios that add further cohesion to your outdoor space and provide places to make memories. Plus, walkways will help keep people from trampling over your manicured lawn!

For a luxurious ambiance, you may be thinking of an outdoor kitchen or living space, and we have you covered there, too. We have a variety of customized elements that can be included in your outdoor living space so that it's suited to your needs, including a sink, bar, dishwasher, pizza oven, grill, and more. No matter your vision, we can marry form and function and install outdoor lighting to create a stunning outdoor living space that is perfect for hosting into the late hours.

Speaking of form and function, there's almost no better example than retaining and seating walls. These walls add wonderful architecture to your property, but they don't just look pretty – retaining walls help level out land and prevent soil erosion, and seating walls provide excess seating for guests. If you could benefit from both a retaining wall and a seating wall, we can even work to create an all-purpose wall for your landscape!

Last but not least, there's almost no better way to create ambiance than installing a fire pit or fireplace. With this focal point on your property, you'll find that you have a space to gather with guests and family that is warm and inviting. Our custom fire pits and fireplaces can be either gas-burning or wood-burning depending on your preference, made to any size or shape that suits your landscape.

The types of materials we use in our build projects include brick pavers, clay pavers, natural stone, and more!

Call us today to schedule any of our landscaping services in Cedar Springs, MI!

Landscape bed with natural outdoor steps installed in Cedar Springs, MI.

Our team of professionals at Rose Landscape Services will install dazzling landscape elements like softscapes, outdoor living spaces, or fire pits on your property in and around Cedar Springs, MI. With an experienced team and in-house design to ensure clear communication, we are ready to tackle any landscaping project. If you're ready to enhance your property with a landscape service or installation, call us today at (616) 293-0361 to schedule your consultation! We can't wait to hear what you have in mind.

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