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Fruitport Charter Township, MILandscaping & Hardscape Installation Services

We can install custom hardscapes and keep your landscape looking great with our landscaping and hardscape installation services.

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Professional Landscaping & Hardscape Installation Services in Fruitport Charter Township, MI.

We've been providing our landscaping and hardscape installation services since 2003.

Fruitport Charter Township, MI, is located in Muskegon County and has a population of more than 14,000. If you're looking for a place that you can visit to see the natural beauty of this area, Pomona Park is where you want to go. This 8.5-acre waterfront park is the perfect place to go fishing, boating, hiking, or have a picnic.

At Rose Landscape Services, we proudly provide professional landscaping and hardscape installation services to property owners in Fruitport Charter Township, MI. Our team offers hardscape installation services such as patio installation, outdoor kitchen installation, fire pit installation, driveway installation, and more. We also offer landscaping services like softscapes and plantings, sod installation, outdoor lighting, mulch and rock installation, and more! Call us at (616) 293-0361 to schedule any of our services today!

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Our Hardscape Installation Services

If you want to take your property in Fruitport Charter Township, MI, to the next level, our hardscape installation services are just what you need. We can build various hardscapes that will enhance your outdoor living space and make it more enjoyable. Check out all the hardscapes we can install:

  • Patios: A patio is one of the most popular hardscapes because it provides a designated place to gather outside. Our team uses durable materials to build long-lasting, beautiful patios.
  • Walkways: Walkways are beneficial because they allow you to safely navigate through different areas on your property. We use top-quality materials to build walkways that will withstand daily wear and tear!
  • Driveways: Improve the curb appeal of your property with a brand-new driveway.
  • Custom Stone Steps: If you have different elevations on your property, we can install custom stone steps to make traversing those areas easier than ever!
  • Retaining Walls: Our retaining walls are built to prevent soil erosion and create more flat, usable space on your property.
  • Seating Walls: We can add sturdy seating walls to your property so you have a comfortable spot to sit while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Custom Fire Pits: Enjoying the outdoors at night is a lot more fun when you have a fire pit! We can build a fire pit according to your preferred size and can either utilize wood or gas for its fuel source.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Create a cozy ambiance on your property with an outdoor fireplace! Not only do these add warmth to your outdoor area, but they also become great focal points.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: We can install an outdoor kitchen on your property and equip it with whatever amenities you want!
  • Paver Maintenance & Repairs: We can clean and seal your pavers, or repair them if needed, to get them looking their best!

We can create a design rendering of any of your projects so you can see how they'll look when they're completed.

Our Landscaping Services

Your landscape plays a big role in the overall beauty of your property, and we're here to help make sure yours looks beautiful year-round. From installing new landscape beds to maintaining your landscape beds to installing mulch in them, we've got you covered. Below are all the landscaping services we offer in Fruitport Charter Township, MI:

  • Plantings & Softscapes: We can install new landscape beds or renovate existing ones and then fill them with colorful plants.
  • Mulch & Rock Installation: We can install a rock or mulch ground covering in your landscape beds to protect your plants and improve your curb appeal.
  • Sod Installation: We can install sod on your property to instantly give you a beautiful new lawn.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Bring your property to life at night by investing in an outdoor lighting system.
  • Curbside Leaf Pickup: If you gather the leaves on your property to the curb, we'll come and pick them up for you!

We will follow a thorough landscaping process when performing any of our services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Call us today to schedule any of our landscaping and hardscape installation services.

Here at Rose Landscape Services, we offer landscaping and hardscape installation services to commercial and residential properties in Fruitport Charter Township, MI. Whether you're looking to improve the beauty of your landscape or add functional hardscapes to your property, we can make it happen! Give us a call today at (616) 293-0361 to schedule any of our services.

Seasonal Services

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