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Rose Landscaping company truck plowing snow in Grand Rapids, MI.

Snow Removal in Walker, Comstock Park, Marne, & Grandville, Wyoming, MI

Professional snow removal services for residential properties help keep your driveway and other hardscapes clear and safe during winter.

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Efficient Snow Removal Services for Residential Properties in & Around Walker, Comstock Park, Marne, Grandville, & Wyoming, MI

Reduce the potential for snow-related accidents by minimizing the amount of snow covering your driveways and other hardscape areas.

Michigan winters are notorious for being extremely cold with tons of snow, so it's important to keep your driveways, steps, and other heavy foot traffic areas clear of snow to avoid snow-related injuries caused by slips and falls.

Our professional snow removal services can safely remove the snow from your home without causing any structural damage. We carry all the right equipment to efficiently clear all your snow away so your residence remains safe for you and your family during the winter!

See how your home in Walker, Comstock Park, Marne, Grandville, & Wyoming, and nearby areas of Grand Rapids, MI can benefit from our snow removal services this winter season!

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Snow removal services help keep your home safe and accident-free.

Rose professional removing snow from property in Ada, MI.

Snow removal is a physically demanding activity that takes up what little time you have off during the week. That's why many of our clients rely on us every winter to come out and remove the snow from their driveways for them!

Oftentimes, our customers find it most effective for us to plow snow during the day and then return at night to do a quick cleanup plow to ensure all snow has been removed. Our team can also come out as soon as the snow has accumulated to about one and a half inches on your residential property for your convenience.

We use trucks with a V plow and expandable back blades to effectively remove the snow from your driveway and other surface areas. Our equipment can clean a driveway in one quick pass!

At your request, our team can haul off the snow rather than piling it up on your property.

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We keep your driveway and other hardscapes safe from damage while we remove the snow.

Back plow on truck for snow removal in driveway in Grandville, MI.

All of our back plows have urethane cutting edges, which are designed to resist any abrasion. Urethane cutting edges are known to have minimal ground impact as they help remove the snow from your property. This keeps your driveway and other hardscapes safe from damage such as chips, gauges, and cracks. Not only that, but they are also quieter than steel-cutting edges! Our team has been plowing snow since 2003, and we have the training and expertise needed to keep your property safe while we do our work.

We strive to always have your driveways plowed by the morning so you can go about your day without any interruptions to your schedule.

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Sign up for our snow removal services before the winter sets in!

Rose professional removal piles of snow from residential driveway in Comstock Park, MI.

At Rose Landscape Services, we understand how busy the winter season can be. We also understand how important it is to ensure your property is clear of snow and safe from accidents. Relax this winter season by letting our crew of professional snow removal experts do the hard labor for you! We'll make sure that your driveway is always cleared and ready for you to take on the day. Call us today at (616) 293-0361 to speak with a team member about claiming a spot on our winter service schedule!

Many residences in Walker, Comstock Park, Marne, Grandville, Wyoming, and nearby areas of Grand Rapids, MI are already taking advantage of our professional snow removal services. Sign up today before we're booked up for the whole season! Check out a comprehensive list of where we offer our landscape maintenance services.

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