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Large mulch flower bed and stone landscaping design in Ada, MI.

Mulch & Rock Ground CoversGrand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, MI & Nearby Areas

Install mulch or rock ground cover that protects your soil, keeps plant roots insulated from temperature changes, and helps prevent weed growth.

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Mulch and rock installation for homes and businesses in Grand Rapids and nearby Michigan areas.

Laying down mulch or rock helps to protect landscaping plants and soil from rain, snowmelt, extreme temperature changes, weed growth, and more.

Mulch and rock installation is an important part of landscaping beds for many reasons. It helps to protect soil and landscaping plants from erosion caused by rain and snowmelt, insulates roots against extreme temperature changes, and helps to stop weeds from growing.

We install mulch and rock ground cover for homes and businesses in the Grand Rapids, MI area, including East Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Wyoming, Marne, and Grandville.

Benefits of Installing Mulch or Rock Ground Cover

Stone stepping stones filled around with mulch in Cascade, MI.

Mulch and rock ground cover have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Professionally installed ground cover gives landscape beds a finished look, helping to increase curb appeal. The functional benefits of mulch or rock ground cover are numerous, including:

  • Inhibiting weed growth: Mulch serves to block access to light, air, and water for weeds. When these unwanted plants can’t access these key nutrients, then their growth is inhibited and they won’t overtake your landscape plants.
  • Preventing soil erosion: When mulch is laid down properly, it can help to prevent soil erosion. This is especially important in your landscape beds, where you’ve invested money to make sure that soil is fertilized, has proper weed control treatments, and more. If the soil isn’t protected by mulch, it can erode away in rainwater or snowmelt.
  • Insulating soil and plant roots: In Michigan, we experience extreme cold and your plants need to be protected from the weather. Mulch helps to keep the surrounding soil and plant roots insulated against rapid temperature changes that could otherwise harm your plants.
  • Retaining moisture: Mulch also helps to keep in moisture, which is important during those warm summer months. Without mulch, water would quickly evaporate, leaving plants without much to absorb.

Professional mulch installation helps ensure that your landscape beds are reaping the maximum amount of possible benefits from mulching.

Types of Mulch We Commonly Use & How Often it Should Be Replenished

Landscaping mulch bed underneath stairs and patio in Ada, MI.

Organic mulch such as wood chips and bark tends to break down more quickly than inorganic materials like river rock. Thus, it’s recommended that mulch be replenished on an annual basis in the spring, typically as a part of your spring cleanup. The types of mulch we commonly use at Rose Landscape Services include dyed red, black, or brown bark, cedar bark, pine bark, and shredded wood mulch.

We also install rock ground cover, which should be replenished every other year. Common types of rock used are washed stone or gray river rock, red rock, brown rock, black rock, lava rock, and slate.

Do you need professional mulch or rock installation at your property?

We install mulch and rock for residential and commercial properties in the Grand Rapids, MI area including East Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Wyoming, Marne, and Grandville, and more.

If you’re looking for quality, professional work done by team members with years of experience, then give us a call today at (616) 293-0361 to set up an estimate on our mulch installation services. Check out a comprehensive list of where we offer our landscape maintenance services.

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