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Deicing salt being added by a professional in Grand Rapids, MI.

Deicing Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, MI & Nearby Areas

Our deicing service can help make your property safer this winter season.

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Deicing Service in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade & Nearby Areas in Michigan

Our high-quality deicing treatment can melt ice and stop ice from forming on your driveway and other hardscapes.

Although snow and ice can look gorgeous, there's no denying the danger hidden within each eye-catching snowfall and ice event. It's so important to ensure your driveway, parking lot and other places where people drive and/or walk are free of slippery ice. At Rose Landscape Services, we can help. We will melt the ice on your property and stop ice from forming. Choose from 3 different scheduling options when you sign up for our deicing service. During our visit, we use high-grade salt to treat your driveway and other hardscapes, increasing both usability and safety.

We also offer a snow removal service to efficiently get rid of the snow piles on your property. We provide our services to residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby areas in Michigan. Call us today at (616) 293-0361 to schedule our services.

We offer 3 scheduling options to choose from when you sign up for our deicing service.

Deicing salt solution being scooped out by a professional in Walker, MI.

We understand that everyone's needs are different. That's why we offer 3 different scheduling options for you to choose from when you call to sign up for our deicing service. We'll be there when you need us to be there! Here is what you need to know about each scheduling option:

  • Level 1: When you choose level 1, we'll use our discretion when it comes to how often we salt your property. This typically means that we'll salt after every plow event as well as whenever it is slick out.
  • Level 2: When you choose level 2, our team will salt your property only after a plow event. Deicing after plowing will prevent ice from forming on your hardscapes and melt any remaining ice.
  • Level 3: Our third level is per-request only; you will decide when we come and deice your property. Just give us a call and our team will be there to help. We just ask that we are given at least a 24-hour time frame to get the job done.

Add on our snow removal service for a comprehensive, well-rounded experience.

Rose Landscaping professional plowing street in Ada, MI.

Removing snow from your property isn't for the faint of heart. This task requires you to use heavy tools and spend long hours in the cold shoving the snow aside. Fortunately, our professional snow removal service can take this task off your hands. It's also the perfect service to complement our deicing treatment.

Once the snow accumulates to about one and a half inches, we can use our v-plow trucks to properly clear the snow. What's more, our trucks are equipped with urethane cutting edges to keep your driveway and other hardscapes safe from damage.

We can haul the piles of snow away for you instead of leaving the snow on your property.

Melt the ice off your driveway and prevent more from forming. Call us today to schedule our deicing service!

At Rose Landscape Services, we offer a deicing treatment to help melt the ice in the areas where you drive and walk and to prevent the ice from forming once more. By using our high-quality treatment, we can help increase the safety of your driveway, parking lot, entryway, walkways, and other hardscapes this winter. We provide our deicing service to residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby areas Michigan. Call us today at (616) 293-0361 to schedule our deicing service!

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