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Custom landscaping plant bed at residential property in Grand Rapids, MI.

Landscape & Design Process Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, MI & Nearby Areas

Add a gorgeous custom landscape to your residential or commercial property with our landscape design services.

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Landscape design and installation for homes and businesses throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Our landscape design and process involve collaborating with clients every step of the way until the design and installation are completed.

Home custom flower and shrub softscape in Grand Rapids, MI.

Designing a custom landscape is a multi-step process that requires a lot of collaborating between the landscape company and the client. At Rose Landscape Services, we’ve designed a process that ensures our clients are involved in every step from design to installation to completion.

We create and design custom landscapes for business and residential properties throughout Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and other nearby areas of Michigan in Ottawa and Kent Counties. Learn more about how our landscape design process works.

1. Conduct an Initial Meeting & Consult with Clients

During our initial phone call, we will discuss what you’re looking for in a landscape design project. We will then send out a questionnaire that you will fill out so we can make sure to address all the necessary details. After the questionnaire is filled out, our experienced design team will make a site visit to meet with you and formulate plans and their recommendations. Our team then comes back to our office where they draw up landscape plans based on your requests, their recommendations, and more.

2. Landscape Designs Are Created with Industry-Leading Software

Most of our designs are created in Dynascape as CAD 2D designs. Dynascape offers many features such as the ability to utilize real plant photos so that you get an accurate visualization of what your landscaping will look like once it’s installed.

We can also create 3D landscape designs upon request. For those designs, we use Uvision 3D Landscape Creator made by Unilock. This software allows us to create 3D designs that can show our customers how their landscape will look at different times of the day and how their chosen types of pavers will look.

3. Second Meeting Involves Design Review & Approval

We will bring the completed landscape design plans to you or have you come to our office to review the plans and approve them or make any changes. Once you approve the design and sign the contract, our landscape installation will begin.

4. We Schedule Landscape Installation

After plans are approved, we put your project on our schedule and give you an approximate start date, which will be dependent on weather and prior job completions. We do ask for a $250 deposit to ensure your place on our schedule stays intact. As with every step of the process, our office will communicate with you on any changes or impediments to the process.

5. We Complete a Follow-Up & Final Walkthrough

Once the project is completed, we will perform a follow-up and final walkthrough visit. Our team will come out to your home or office building, walk through the installation with you, and make sure everything was properly completed and done to your full satisfaction. This is also where we can discuss any necessary changes or potential add-ons to your landscape project.

At the end of every job, we perform a walkthrough with the customer to make sure each job is performed to your satisfaction.

Grading & Leveling, Softscapes, Hardscapes, & More Can Be Included in Landscape Designs

Home entryway with mulch bed and tree landscaping in Ada, MI.

Depending on your project and type of land, there can be many different elements included in your landscape design. Typically, most projects include some form of softscaping, or landscape beds with native plants installed to complement your property.

We also install custom hardscapes such as patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, and more. If the job requires it, our team may perform some grading and leveling to help with any drainage issues on the property. This might also require installing a retaining wall to help prevent soil erosion.

Interested in designing a custom landscape for your home or business?

At Rose Landscape Services, we have years of experience in landscape design and installation. Our experienced, professional team has the knowledge to collaborate with you in planning out a landscape design that looks fantastic and has lots of functionality to add to your outdoor living space. Contact us today at (616) 293-0361 to set up an initial consultation on your next landscaping project!

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