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Custom stone patio recently installed at a home in Grand Rapids, MI.

Patios & Walkways Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, MI & Nearby Areas

Expand your outdoor living space with a custom patio or walkway made from durable materials such as brick pavers or stone.

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Custom patios and walkways for homes and businesses in Grand Rapids, Ada, and nearby areas in Ottawa and Kent Counties.

Patios and walkways are constructed with materials that beautifully match the exterior of your house or office.

We design and install custom patios and walkways that look fantastic and add to your outdoor living space. Materials used in the building process are carefully chosen to match the exterior of your office or home.

Our experienced contractors install patios and walkways for homes and businesses throughout Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and other areas in Ottawa and Kent Counties.

Materials Used to Construct Patios & Walkways

Custom stone tile walkway with rock mulch lining in Cascade, MI.

At Rose Landscape Services, we make sure to use quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Each project we install is treated as though it is our own. We go through and pick materials that will complement your property and also look natural. The choice materials we use include:

  • Brick pavers: Brick pavers come in many different colors and can be arranged in various ways. They are also easily replaceable if a paver cracks or breaks.
  • Clay paving stone: These paving stones are also durable and easy to replace. They come in natural colors, which means they will not fade as easily over time whereas artificially colored stones may fade in sunlight.
  • Natural stone: Using natural stone requires a bit more labor but the end result is a gorgeous patio that blends into its surroundings.

Why You Should Install a Custom Patio

The benefits of a custom patio are numerous. It is an easy way to add to your outdoor living space and increases your property value. It provides extra entertainment area and a great place to sit outside and enjoy the weather. It’s also a great place to place your grill on nice days. They are also fairly low maintenance and don’t require a lot of upkeep.

Paver and brick patios also stand up to various types of weather, especially when they are cleaned and sealed after installation.

Walkways Add Safety to Your Property & Increase the Navigable Area

When you have a large property, it’s easy to slip and fall in the middle of the lawn, especially when it’s wet or icy. Adding custom walkways helps to increase the navigable area of your property and adds safety as well. Pairing walkways with outdoor lighting also increases safety.

A walkway can also protect your landscape and lawn from heavy foot traffic and prevent your soil from becoming compacted. We can construct walkways from the same materials as patios so that your property’s hardscaping has a cohesive feel.

Maintaining & Protecting Your Custom Patios & Walkways

Stone tile corner walkway around residential property in Ada, MI.

To get the most life as possible out of your hardscapes, it’s important to do some regular maintenance on them. We clean and seal patios and walkways to protect them from the outdoor elements. Our experienced paver contractors can also repair any issues with patios or walkways. For example, if a paver cracks, breaks, or begins to sink, our staff can quickly come out and fix those issues.

Are you considering adding a patio or walkway to your property?

At Rose Landscape Services, we have many years of experience installing custom patios and walkways. We work with residential and commercial properties across Ottawa and Kent Counties, including Grand Rapids, Ada, and Cascade. Call (616) 293-0361 for more information.

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