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Tiered retaining wall with mulching planting fill.

Retaining & Seating Walls Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, MI & Nearby Areas

Add beauty and functionality to your property with our retaining and seating walls that help prevent erosion and add seating areas to your outdoor living space.

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We design and install custom retaining and seating walls for properties in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby areas of MI such as East Grand Rapids and Grandville.

Our company’s retaining and seating walls protect your property from erosion and add valuable seating areas to your outdoor living spaces.

Many homeowners in MI are taking advantage of the benefits associated with adding a retaining or seating wall to their property. We design beautiful custom retaining and seating walls that enhance your property's natural beauty while combating destructive soil erosion.

We design and install retaining walls and seating walls for homes and businesses in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, and the surrounding areas of MI.

Our Retaining Walls Protect Your Property from Erosion

Custom stone retaining wall and outdoor living area being constructed in Cascade, MI.

Adding a retaining wall to your property helps protect it from soil erosion and helps level out slopes or uneven areas of land.

Excessive rainfall or snow can erode soil and wash away any lawn care products such as fertilization, seeding, and weed or pest control treatments. Each time it rains, you are losing money as your soil erodes and the water washes it away. Installing a retaining wall protects your investment by preventing your soil from eroding and being washed away by rainwater.

Retaining walls also protect your property’s foundation. Over time, soil erosion causes uneven areas of land beneath your home’s foundation. This unevenness compromises your property’s structural foundation. A retaining wall prevents your foundation from deteriorating over time by holding soil in place. Investing in a retaining wall for your property will save your property and save you from a hefty repair bill down the road.

We Can Build Decorative Retaining Walls for Your Property

Seating walls are similar to retaining walls but tend to be shorter, and are designed mainly for providing extra seating areas to your outdoor living spaces. While retaining walls help control soil erosion and level out your property, seating walls are for more decorative purposes and are incorporated into your already existing landscape. Our designers place seating walls in areas where people tend to gather, such as around a fireplace or outdoor kitchen. These walls increase your home’s curb appeal and add more livable space to your outdoor areas.

Common Materials Used for our Retaining & Seating Walls Include Stone & Blocks

All of our walls are constructed using premium materials that are proven to be durable and long-lasting. Some common materials we use include:

  • Concrete Block: Concrete blocks are extremely resilient and hold up well against the elements. We offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures to perfectly complement your property and landscaping elements.

  • Natural Stone: Natural stone is offered in a variety of different finishes from cut stone to rubble. Natural stone can be easily cut and customized and offers a unique yet natural look.

  • Boulders: Boulders are a type of natural stone and are very strong and weather-resistant. Boulders can hold back massive amounts of earth and soil erosion without ever budging.

At Rose Landscape Services, we have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure your wall is stable and effective for years to come. All our walls are installed for optimal drainage by manufacturer’s recommendations and when needed, we utilize engineers to guarantee the structural integrity of your new wall.

Hiring a professional landscaping company like Rose Landscape Services ensures your retaining or seating wall is built correctly and is effective in holding back soil on your property.

We Also Install Stone Steps for our Residential & Commercial Clients

Custom stone steps and retaining wall in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our company’s beautiful stone steps help level out your property and add a decorative touch to your yard. Our stone steps pair well with our retaining walls and seating walls to help hold back soil, level out your property, and add curb appeal to your home. We construct our steps using half natural stone and half manufactured stone to ensure your steps are stable and resistant to weather and wear. Using both natural and manufactured stone allows a wide range of customization options to match your property’s aesthetic.

Protect your property while enhancing its natural beauty with a custom retaining or seating wall.

Enhance your property’s natural beauty and protect your land from soil erosion with a custom build retaining or seating wall. We are proudly part of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, and all our landscape contractors are experts in wall and step construction.

Clients in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, and surrounding areas are already enjoying our retaining and seating walls on their property. Join them by calling us today at (616) 293-0361 to set up a consultation and speak with one of our experts to discuss your landscaping needs.

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