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How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

When running a business, customer and employee safety is crucial. Not only are there legal concerns if someone is injured on your property, but it’s also common courtesy and best practice to keep your commercial property free and clear of snow, ice, and other winter debris. It can be understandably overwhelming to manage this among all your other business responsibilities—which is why we’re here to help.

Here are some key benefits of commercial snow removal in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and nearby areas of Michigan.

1. Limit Potential Litigation & See Fewer Employee Injuries

Let’s face it—we don’t always want to think about legal ramifications, but it’s part and parcel of life these days, and the last thing you want to deal with among all your other commercial responsibilities is a lawsuit. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends employers clear all walking surfaces of snow and ice as soon as possible after a winter storm. Not only will this significantly reduce winter-related injuries to your employees and customers, but it will limit the potential for litigation against your business as a result.

2. Ensure Customers Can Still Visit Your Business

Fleet of Rose Landscape Services snow removal vehicles in Grand Rapids, MI.

Snow and ice can accumulate quickly and in narrow windows of time, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center. A buildup of snow and ice can obstruct vehicular and...

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3 Reasons Your Property Needs a Custom Paver Patio

3 Reasons Your Property Needs a Custom Paver Patio

Expanding your outdoor living space can be done with many different elements, but one that is not as pricey and yields a great return on investment is adding a custom paver patio. One of the top 10 items that people look for in a new home, patios can add extra entertainment space to your home and can even help increase the overall value of the property, according to the National Association of Realtors.

If you live in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, or other cities within the greater Grand Rapids area, read on to see why your property needs a custom paver patio.

1. Patios Increase Your Michigan Home's Value

Custom paver patio and walkway being constructed at Grand Rapids, MI home.

According to HGTV, the patios that yield the largest ROI are ones that look as though they have always been a part of the home. In other words, when patios are built using durable, attractive materials that complement the exterior of the property, there is a better ROI. Paver patios can be made with a variety of colors and designs and are completely customizable.

Note that in order to receive the best return on the money you're spending, it's best to install a patio that is proportionate to your property. If you have a small backyard, then a smaller patio is advised. An extensive patio, in this case, may price you out of the surrounding real estate market and you may not be able to recoup the costs. But if you have a large estate, then consider adding a larger patio with an outdoor kitchen and an LED landscape lighting...

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How Fall Trimming Benefits Your Landscape Shrubs

How Fall Trimming Benefits Your Landscape Shrubs

While your landscape shrubs require trimming throughout the year to keep them shapely and visually appealing, they also require fall trimming to prepare them for the upcoming cold winter months. Trimming your landscape shrubs in the autumn also clears out old dead branches, encourages new growth, and helps prevent pest infestation and the spread of diseases.

Here is how fall trimming benefits your landscape shrubs in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Fall Trimming Encourages New Growth in Spring

New growth in shrubs after proper fall trimming and pruning in Grand Rapids, MI.

When your landscape becomes overgrown, it makes it difficult for new growth to emerge. Old, dying branches take up valuable resources and space needed for new plants to grow in your landscape. Trimming, particularly in the autumn, clears out all the old and dying plants and makes room for new ones to grow. Some plants, like perennials and some fruit trees, actually require fall trimming and pruning to keep them in prime shape and encourage growth when spring returns.

Trimming Prepares Your Shrubs for Winter

Right before winter sets in, your plants transition from a growing state into a food storage state to prepare for their upcoming winter dormancy. During this time your landscape plants work to absorb as many nutrients as they can to fuel and sustain themselves throughout the harsh winter months. Trimming aids in this by removing any dead, dying, or diseased branches from your plants and shrubs. Branches that are...

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Why Your Yard Needs Fall Cleanup Services

Why Your Yard Needs Fall Cleanup Services

Bi-annual yard cleanups are very important and beneficial for the health and beauty of your yard, especially during the fall. Autumn cleanups prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months, create space for new growth, and keep your yard free of dangerous pests and diseases.

At Rose Landscape Services, we always encourage clients to schedule fall cleanup services to keep their lawn and yard healthy and safe. Here is how your yard benefits from fall cleanup services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Fall Cleanup Services Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Fall cleanups are incredibly important for your lawn. During the fall, your grass goes into food storage mode, absorbing and storing as many nutrients as it can to sustain itself for winter dormancy. When leaves, debris, and other matter covers your lawn, your grass is unable to gather up the nutrients it needs to prepare for winter. Removing this debris during a fall yard cleanup helps prepare your lawn for the winter by granting it access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients.

Your Yard Has More Space for New Growth

When debris litters your lawn, it takes up valuable space for plant growth. In order to ensure your yard has ample space for new growth in the springtime, it’s pivotal to remove all clutter and debris from your yard in the fall. When you schedule a fall cleanup for your yard, professionals will meticulously remove all debris, fallen leaves off your lawn, and ...

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Ways to Add on to Your Outdoor Living Space

Ways to Add on to Your Outdoor Living Space

With an increasing trend in people wanting to spend more time outdoors and less time cooped up inside, many homeowners are investing in elements that add on to their outdoor living space. There are many ways you can add on to your outdoor living space and increase the amount of time you and your guests spend outdoors.

From adding custom focal points to extending your outdoor enjoyment with outdoor lighting, here are some ways you can add on to your outdoor living space in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Provide Outdoor Areas Away From Pests with a Screened-in Porch

In some areas, particularly at night, insects and other pests create a nuisance for guests. Mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests drastically decrease one’s enjoyment while outdoors. Adding a screened-in porch allows you and your guests to enjoy your yard and other outdoor areas without being annoyed by insects. A screened-in porch also keeps out leaves, debris, and other items, keeping your patio much cleaner than one that does not have a screen.

Screened-in porches provide a barrier against pests, debris, and wind, and allow you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor space free of pests and other nuisances.

Add Custom Elements Such As Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, & More that Create Focal Points

A yard with custom elements such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or water features, benefits from an increase in outdoor living and...

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Why Your Yard Benefits from Leaf Removal Services

Why Your Yard Benefits from Leaf Removal Services

Fall leaves definitely have a certain appeal to them; they coat your yard with warm autumn colors and help you get in the mood for shorter days and cooler months. While letting these golden leaves accumulate in your yard may seem harmless, they actually pose many health risks to your lawn and those who walk across it.

Allowing a layer of leaves to accumulate on your lawn kills your grass, promotes diseases and mold, and hides dangerous pests that can be lethal to people and pets who come into contact with them. If you live in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas of %%statefull%%, here is how your yard benefits from leaf removal services.

Your Lawn Can Grow Unhindered

Warm autumn leaves may add color to your yard, but they kill your grass. Your lawn needs access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy. A blanket of leaves suffocates your lawn by blocking these essential ingredients it needs to grow. Without proper sunlight, your grass can’t go through photosynthesis and therefore is unable to absorb nutrients it needs to thrive. Leaf removal services like the ones offered by Rose Landscape Services remove all leaves from your yard and ensure your lawn can breathe and have access to all the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy throughout the season.

Removing Leaves Removes Diseases, Fungi, & Mold

Leaf clutter across your yard poses potential health issues for not only your lawn but your...

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