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Professional Fall Cleanup Checklist

Professional Fall Cleanup Checklist

Fall cleanup should be a regular part of Michigan property maintenance.

Fall in Michigan means lots of leaves and debris, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find property owners that genuinely enjoy the cleanup process. Professional cleanup services can save you time and effort and give you a lawn that’s tidy and prepared for winter.

Rose Landscape Services offers professional fall services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade and other nearby areas of Michigan. Read on to learn what’s involved in fall lawn cleanup and why it matters.

Leaf and debris removal

A Rose Landscape Services work truck removing leaves from a Ada, MI property.

One aspect of fall cleanup involves getting rid of all those leaves! Depending on your property, leaf coverage can get pretty heavy, and professional cleanup means not only raking up the leaves but also taking them away.

As breezy fall weather kicks in, debris also starts to clutter the yard. Removing leaves and debris will leave you with a cleaner property that’s ready for winter.

Landscaping maintenance

The fall cleanup process means more than just clearing away leaves, brush, and fallen branches. In addition to debris removal, maintenance will also include:

  • Bed reshaping – Beds have a tendency to get ragged as grass grows, plants thrive, and leaves coat everything. Part of fall cleanup involves reshaping the bed edges to make them neat and clean.
  • Weed pulling – We love it when our planned plants and grass grow, but that also means weeds grow as well. ...
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Potential Health Implications of DIY Snow Removal

Potential Health Implications of DIY Snow Removal

In Michigan, we are no strangers to the perils that snowy and icy weather can cause on the roads. Accidents can happen much more easily when the roads are slippery, and that also applies to anyone walking on a sidewalk, driveway, or other hard surfaces. Driving in snow can be dangerous, but so can trying to remove the snow on your own. 

Learn about the potential risks you could face when trying to remove snow by yourself in Walker, Wyoming, Grandville, and surrounding areas of Michigan.

Potential risks of removing snow on your own include heart attacks, frostbite, and many more.

Removing snow on your own, especially if you are not generally very active, can end up putting undue strain on your body. Snow removal is a strenuous task even for those who are in fantastic shape. Some of the potential risks associated with DIY snow removal include:

A blizzard on a residential street in East Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Heart Attacks: The act of removing snow takes a physical toll on the body, and it could cause someone who is in poor health to have a heart attack. You are moving hundreds of pounds of snow to clear off your driveway or sidewalk, and that adds up quickly.
  • Increased Heart Rate/Blood Pressure: Cold weather can increase your blood pressure and your heart rate, and can also increase the risk of blood clots forming or arteries constricting.
  • Frostbite: If you are exposed to the freezing weather for too long, or aren’t wearing the right clothes for proper protection, then you may also increase your risk of...
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Choosing Flagstone or Concrete Pavers for Patio Construction

Choosing Flagstone or Concrete Pavers for Patio Construction

Adding a patio to your property in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby areas of Michigan is a great idea. Patios have been shown to increase home value and they provide a beautiful, functional area for entertaining guests and setting out outdoor furniture without it being damaged by mud or grass stains.

However, deciding to add a patio is just the first step. You must also decide how big you want it to be, where you want it to be located in your yard, and what type of material to use. At Rose Landscape Services, our hardscape contractors primarily work with flagstone or concrete pavers. Learn here about these two choices and decide for yourself which one may be the best for your particular property.

Flagstone looks natural and lasts for a lifetime.

Custom flagstone patio construction at a home near Grand Rapids, MI.

If you decide to go with flagstone for your new custom patio, there are some things you will need to know. First, be aware that flagstone or natural stone will have a higher initial cost than concrete pavers do. Do not let that deter you, though. Flagstone patios provide a gorgeous, natural look that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your landscaping.

Natural stone will also last for your lifetime and beyond, making it a solid investment. It also holds up well against all types of weather, which is something to take into consideration in our area of Michigan where we receive lots of snow each year. There are several types of flagstone that we can use, including:

  • Slate
  • Bluestone
  • Limestone
  • ...
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The Benefits of Routine Lawn Mowing in Michigan

The Benefits of Routine Lawn Mowing in Michigan

While some ornamental grasses should be left to grow freely without interference, your lawn needs to be mowed regularly. To help you stick to a schedule, our lawn maintenance team offers routine mowing from April to October. During this period, we will visit your property in Cascade, Grand Rapids, or Ada, MI every week. During each visit, we perform lawn mowing as well as blowing, edging, and string-trimming services to promote the health and beauty of your grass.

Some property owners don't see the importance of routine lawn mowing and forgo this task until their grass is long and unsightly. Check out some of the reasons why your Michigan grass in Grand Rapids, Ada, and Cascade requires routine lawn mowing to reach its full growth potential.

Regular lawn mowing visits allow us to keep your grass in good health and ward off lawn diseases.

One of our team members mowing a clients lawn in Grand Rapids, MI.

Regular lawn mowing visits keep your grass in good general health, as it gives our lawn mowing company a chance to ensure the lawn is kept at a proper height all season long. At each scheduled visit, our team never mows more than one-third of your grass's height. When we follow this essential mowing practice, your grass can most optimally perform photosynthesis. Routine lawn maintenance services also keep your lawn strong and help it ward off issues like weed growth, insect infestation, and lawn diseases.

An irregular mowing schedule can cause a buildup of...

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Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space this Spring

Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space this Spring

If you aren't getting as much use from your outdoor living area as you would like to, it may be missing a few essential elements. Here at Rose Landscape Services, we install outdoor living features for properties in Cascade, Grand Rapids, and Ada, MI. Through our hardscape installation services, we hope to add both aesthetic and functional value to our clients' outdoor living spaces.

If you are looking to revitalize your outdoor living space this spring but aren't sure where to get started, consider adding a lighting system, patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit.

An architectural or outdoor lighting system can highlight landscape features and provide enhanced safety.

If you want to highlight certain features of your landscape, like a flower bed, tree, or water feature, our team can install an architectural lighting system. We will illuminate your landscape at night and allow passersby and visitors alike to marvel at your landscape's beauty.

Whether it be through uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting, or path lighting, our outdoor lighting company will highlight the exact features you want.

While we can install an architectural lighting system to highlight a specific feature, we can also install a more general outdoor lighting system for your home in Ada, MI. This kind of system will provide enhanced safety and security. Visitors will be able to more easily navigate your property, and criminals will be...

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How Your Grand Rapids Yard May Benefit from New Sod

How Your Grand Rapids Yard May Benefit from New Sod

Your lawn is one of your home's major focal points. It's the first thing that your visitors see when they arrive at your property. As a proud homeowner, you likely want your property's exterior to look its best.

Our team offers professional sod installation services for homes in Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding communities.

If your yard has suffered neglect or poor service, it may be time to get new sod. Here are three specific reasons that you may need to get new sod for your yard in Grand Rapids.

1. New sod can offer easier lawn maintenance.

Your current sod may have been poorly installed by another company. Or, maybe your current type of sod is difficult to maintain or doesn't grow well in Michigan's climate. Here at Rose Landscape Services, we can install sod that will thrive in the Grand Rapids area. To offer you a simple lawn maintenance process, we typically install Kentucky bluegrass for your residential yard.

To ensure the installation process goes successfully, we kill off and remove your existing lawn. From there, we can lay down new rolls of sod. When we're finished servicing your lawn, you will be left with a lush lawn that will grow for years and add value to your property.

2. Sod offers a quick solution to a bare lawn.

A bare lawn is unattractive and can decrease your property value. Lawns can acquire bare spots due to reasons like:

  • Heavy foot traffic by children, visitors, and pets
  • ...
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3 Reasons that Winter Is the Ideal Time to Plan Your Outdoor Living Space

3 Reasons that Winter Is the Ideal Time to Plan Your Outdoor Living Space

Here at Rose Landscape Services, we can install everything you need to revamp your outdoor living space, including kitchens, patios, walkways, softscape, and lighting. We serve both residential and commercial properties in Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, and the nearby communities.

As winter is in full swing, your outdoor living space may be the last thing on your mind. However, as you are bundling up by the fire, you should also be planning your new outdoor living space.

If planning your outdoor living space in the wintertime doesn't seem beneficial, here are three reasons why it's actually the best time to start doing so.

1. Planning your outdoor living space takes time.

Even if you just want to focus on a small section of your outdoor living space, you should still allow for ample time to plan your design. This way, our team can help you work out all of the details.

You also need time to reflect on what did and didn't work well in the prior year. Was your outdoor space too small to properly host your gatherings? Could you benefit from an outdoor kitchen? Did certain plants grow poorly? Take some time in the winter to think about these questions and consider other factors that may affect your new outdoor living space design and installation.

2. Your landscape is bare in the winter.

Custom patio designed for a home near Walker, MI.

Because of Michigan's harsh winters, your landscape will likely be barer from December to around mid-March. While this may sound like a bad...

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Trimming vs. Pruning & When Your Plants Need Them

Trimming vs. Pruning & When Your Plants Need Them

Some of the most important tasks involved in keeping your landscape shrubs, plants, and hedges healthy are trimming and pruning. These terms are used a lot, but they're both different and your plants need them both.

If you're in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby Michigan locations learn when trimming and pruning should be done as well as how they are different.

How Trimming & Pruning Are Different

Trimming is generally done at least twice a year. Plants need trimming for a maintained appearance and to control any wayward branches. It ensures your shrubs and hedges are kept healthy throughout the year. Pruning, on the other hand, is usually only performed once a year. It is a more selective process done solely for the health of the plant. When a plant or hedge is pruned, it loses any dead, dying, or diseased branches that could be taking away resources from the healthy part of the plant.

Trimming is done mostly to upkeep the appearance of a plant and enhance your curb appeal, while pruning is done for plant health.

When Plants Should Be Trimmed Throughout the Year

Shrubs being hand trimmed near Grand Rapids, MI.

Most plants should receive routine trimmings in the spring and in the fall. The first trimming comes after the winter months to shape the plant for the growing season and the second trimming in the fall helps to shape the plant again after the summer months.

Some plants, however, especially on properties that require constant maintenance, may...

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4 Reasons Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

A lot of homeowners neglect to install adequate outdoor lighting for their property. It not only lights up the exterior of your property, but it also enhances your curb appeal and promotes safety. Consider the following reasons why your home needs outdoor lighting.

We design and install custom LED outdoor lighting for properties in Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, and surrounding Michigan locations.

1) Enjoy outside recreation at nighttime with outdoor lighting options.

If you have active young children or enjoy playing driveway basketball, there's no reason to be confined inside once it falls dark outside. We offer lighting options that let you get the most use out of your property even once the sun goes down. You can enjoy dinner on your patio area and host outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and sports games without the need for temporary lighting solutions.

2) Outdoor lighting highlights your property at night.

Outdoor lighting done for a house in East Grand Rapids, MI.

There's no reason you can only marvel at your landscape during the daytime. Outdoor lighting is an effective way to bring your property alive at night. With uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, and spotlighting options, you can highlight stand-out features in your yard. You can choose which features you want to be lit up and how you want them to look at night with our custom outdoor lighting installation services.

3) Outdoor lighting is a great security measure.

Proper outdoor lighting allows you to know...

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How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

When running a business, customer and employee safety is crucial. Not only are there legal concerns if someone is injured on your property, but it’s also common courtesy and best practice to keep your commercial property free and clear of snow, ice, and other winter debris. It can be understandably overwhelming to manage this among all your other business responsibilities—which is why we’re here to help.

Here are some key benefits of commercial snow removal in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and nearby areas of Michigan.

1. Limit Potential Litigation & See Fewer Employee Injuries

Let’s face it—we don’t always want to think about legal ramifications, but it’s part and parcel of life these days, and the last thing you want to deal with among all your other commercial responsibilities is a lawsuit. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends employers clear all walking surfaces of snow and ice as soon as possible after a winter storm. Not only will this significantly reduce winter-related injuries to your employees and customers, but it will limit the potential for litigation against your business as a result.

2. Ensure Customers Can Still Visit Your Business

Fleet of Rose Landscape Services snow removal vehicles in Grand Rapids, MI.

Snow and ice can accumulate quickly and in narrow windows of time, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center. A buildup of snow and ice can obstruct vehicular and...

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