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The Benefits of Routine Lawn Mowing in Michigan

The Benefits of Routine Lawn Mowing in Michigan

While some ornamental grasses should be left to grow freely without interference, your lawn needs to be mowed regularly. To help you stick to a schedule, our lawn maintenance team offers routine mowing from April to October. During this period, we will visit your property in Cascade, Grand Rapids, or Ada, MI every week. During each visit, we perform lawn mowing as well as blowing, edging, and string-trimming services to promote the health and beauty of your grass.

Some property owners don't see the importance of routine lawn mowing and forgo this task until their grass is long and unsightly. Check out some of the reasons why your Michigan grass in Grand Rapids, Ada, and Cascade requires routine lawn mowing to reach its full growth potential.

Regular lawn mowing visits allow us to keep your grass in good health and ward off lawn diseases.

One of our team members mowing a clients lawn in Grand Rapids, MI.

Regular lawn mowing visits keep your grass in good general health, as it gives our lawn mowing company a chance to ensure the lawn is kept at a proper height all season long. At each scheduled visit, our team never mows more than one-third of your grass's height. When we follow this essential mowing practice, your grass can most optimally perform photosynthesis. Routine lawn maintenance services also keep your lawn strong and help it ward off issues like weed growth, insect infestation, and lawn diseases.

An irregular mowing schedule can cause a buildup of...

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