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Potential Health Implications of DIY Snow Removal

Potential Health Implications of DIY Snow Removal

In Michigan, we are no strangers to the perils that snowy and icy weather can cause on the roads. Accidents can happen much more easily when the roads are slippery, and that also applies to anyone walking on a sidewalk, driveway, or other hard surfaces. Driving in snow can be dangerous, but so can trying to remove the snow on your own. 

Learn about the potential risks you could face when trying to remove snow by yourself in Walker, Wyoming, Grandville, and surrounding areas of Michigan.

Potential risks of removing snow on your own include heart attacks, frostbite, and many more.

Removing snow on your own, especially if you are not generally very active, can end up putting undue strain on your body. Snow removal is a strenuous task even for those who are in fantastic shape. Some of the potential risks associated with DIY snow removal include:

A blizzard on a residential street in East Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Heart Attacks: The act of removing snow takes a physical toll on the body, and it could cause someone who is in poor health to have a heart attack. You are moving hundreds of pounds of snow to clear off your driveway or sidewalk, and that adds up quickly.
  • Increased Heart Rate/Blood Pressure: Cold weather can increase your blood pressure and your heart rate, and can also increase the risk of blood clots forming or arteries constricting.
  • Frostbite: If you are exposed to the freezing weather for too long, or aren’t wearing the right clothes for proper protection, then you may also increase your risk of...
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How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

How Snow Removal Services Benefit Your Commercial Property

When running a business, customer and employee safety is crucial. Not only are there legal concerns if someone is injured on your property, but it’s also common courtesy and best practice to keep your commercial property free and clear of snow, ice, and other winter debris. It can be understandably overwhelming to manage this among all your other business responsibilities—which is why we’re here to help.

Here are some key benefits of commercial snow removal in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and nearby areas of Michigan.

1. Limit Potential Litigation & See Fewer Employee Injuries

Let’s face it—we don’t always want to think about legal ramifications, but it’s part and parcel of life these days, and the last thing you want to deal with among all your other commercial responsibilities is a lawsuit. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends employers clear all walking surfaces of snow and ice as soon as possible after a winter storm. Not only will this significantly reduce winter-related injuries to your employees and customers, but it will limit the potential for litigation against your business as a result.

2. Ensure Customers Can Still Visit Your Business

Fleet of Rose Landscape Services snow removal vehicles in Grand Rapids, MI.

Snow and ice can accumulate quickly and in narrow windows of time, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center. A buildup of snow and ice can obstruct vehicular and...

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