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Trimming vs. Pruning & When Your Plants Need Them

Trimming vs. Pruning & When Your Plants Need Them

Some of the most important tasks involved in keeping your landscape shrubs, plants, and hedges healthy are trimming and pruning. These terms are used a lot, but they're both different and your plants need them both.

If you're in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and nearby Michigan locations learn when trimming and pruning should be done as well as how they are different.

How Trimming & Pruning Are Different

Trimming is generally done at least twice a year. Plants need trimming for a maintained appearance and to control any wayward branches. It ensures your shrubs and hedges are kept healthy throughout the year. Pruning, on the other hand, is usually only performed once a year. It is a more selective process done solely for the health of the plant. When a plant or hedge is pruned, it loses any dead, dying, or diseased branches that could be taking away resources from the healthy part of the plant.

Trimming is done mostly to upkeep the appearance of a plant and enhance your curb appeal, while pruning is done for plant health.

When Plants Should Be Trimmed Throughout the Year

Shrubs being hand trimmed near Grand Rapids, MI.

Most plants should receive routine trimmings in the spring and in the fall. The first trimming comes after the winter months to shape the plant for the growing season and the second trimming in the fall helps to shape the plant again after the summer months.

Some plants, however, especially on properties that require constant maintenance, may...

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How Fall Trimming Benefits Your Landscape Shrubs

How Fall Trimming Benefits Your Landscape Shrubs

While your landscape shrubs require trimming throughout the year to keep them shapely and visually appealing, they also require fall trimming to prepare them for the upcoming cold winter months. Trimming your landscape shrubs in the autumn also clears out old dead branches, encourages new growth, and helps prevent pest infestation and the spread of diseases.

Here is how fall trimming benefits your landscape shrubs in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Fall Trimming Encourages New Growth in Spring

New growth in shrubs after proper fall trimming and pruning in Grand Rapids, MI.

When your landscape becomes overgrown, it makes it difficult for new growth to emerge. Old, dying branches take up valuable resources and space needed for new plants to grow in your landscape. Trimming, particularly in the autumn, clears out all the old and dying plants and makes room for new ones to grow. Some plants, like perennials and some fruit trees, actually require fall trimming and pruning to keep them in prime shape and encourage growth when spring returns.

Trimming Prepares Your Shrubs for Winter

Right before winter sets in, your plants transition from a growing state into a food storage state to prepare for their upcoming winter dormancy. During this time your landscape plants work to absorb as many nutrients as they can to fuel and sustain themselves throughout the harsh winter months. Trimming aids in this by removing any dead, dying, or diseased branches from your plants and shrubs. Branches that are...

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