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Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space this Spring

Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space this Spring

If you aren't getting as much use from your outdoor living area as you would like to, it may be missing a few essential elements. Here at Rose Landscape Services, we install outdoor living features for properties in Cascade, Grand Rapids, and Ada, MI. Through our hardscape installation services, we hope to add both aesthetic and functional value to our clients' outdoor living spaces.

If you are looking to revitalize your outdoor living space this spring but aren't sure where to get started, consider adding a lighting system, patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit.

An architectural or outdoor lighting system can highlight landscape features and provide enhanced safety.

If you want to highlight certain features of your landscape, like a flower bed, tree, or water feature, our team can install an architectural lighting system. We will illuminate your landscape at night and allow passersby and visitors alike to marvel at your landscape's beauty.

Whether it be through uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting, or path lighting, our outdoor lighting company will highlight the exact features you want.

While we can install an architectural lighting system to highlight a specific feature, we can also install a more general outdoor lighting system for your home in Ada, MI. This kind of system will provide enhanced safety and security. Visitors will be able to more easily navigate your property, and criminals will be...

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4 Reasons Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

A lot of homeowners neglect to install adequate outdoor lighting for their property. It not only lights up the exterior of your property, but it also enhances your curb appeal and promotes safety. Consider the following reasons why your home needs outdoor lighting.

We design and install custom LED outdoor lighting for properties in Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, and surrounding Michigan locations.

1) Enjoy outside recreation at nighttime with outdoor lighting options.

If you have active young children or enjoy playing driveway basketball, there's no reason to be confined inside once it falls dark outside. We offer lighting options that let you get the most use out of your property even once the sun goes down. You can enjoy dinner on your patio area and host outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and sports games without the need for temporary lighting solutions.

2) Outdoor lighting highlights your property at night.

Outdoor lighting done for a house in East Grand Rapids, MI.

There's no reason you can only marvel at your landscape during the daytime. Outdoor lighting is an effective way to bring your property alive at night. With uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, and spotlighting options, you can highlight stand-out features in your yard. You can choose which features you want to be lit up and how you want them to look at night with our custom outdoor lighting installation services.

3) Outdoor lighting is a great security measure.

Proper outdoor lighting allows you to know...

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Ways to Add on to Your Outdoor Living Space

Ways to Add on to Your Outdoor Living Space

With an increasing trend in people wanting to spend more time outdoors and less time cooped up inside, many homeowners are investing in elements that add on to their outdoor living space. There are many ways you can add on to your outdoor living space and increase the amount of time you and your guests spend outdoors.

From adding custom focal points to extending your outdoor enjoyment with outdoor lighting, here are some ways you can add on to your outdoor living space in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas.

Provide Outdoor Areas Away From Pests with a Screened-in Porch

In some areas, particularly at night, insects and other pests create a nuisance for guests. Mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests drastically decrease one’s enjoyment while outdoors. Adding a screened-in porch allows you and your guests to enjoy your yard and other outdoor areas without being annoyed by insects. A screened-in porch also keeps out leaves, debris, and other items, keeping your patio much cleaner than one that does not have a screen.

Screened-in porches provide a barrier against pests, debris, and wind, and allow you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor space free of pests and other nuisances.

Add Custom Elements Such As Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, & More that Create Focal Points

A yard with custom elements such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or water features, benefits from an increase in outdoor living and...

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