Start the year off right as the weather warms up by refreshing and upgrading your landscape beds! Even small changes can make a big difference. Reshaping or edging your landscape beds will renew the shape of the beds so that they look intentionally designed. Adding in new plants will refresh the color and interest in your landscape, and if you add native plants where possible, you'll create a low-maintenance bed! For example, common native plants in Michigan are boxwoods, hydrangeas, daylilies, and more – with such beautiful options, you won't have to sacrifice looks to achieve low maintenance. Last but not least, consider replenishing your rock or mulch ground cover! It'll benefit the look of your beds as well as the health of your landscaping plants. These updates will rejuvenate your landscape for the spring and get you started on the right path for the rest of the year.

1. Reshape or Edge Your Landscape Beds

Professional edging a landscape bed in Grandville, MI.

Over time, your grass can become overgrown and the line between your lawn and your landscape bed will blur. Once that happens, the shape of your landscape bed can be hard to decipher, with the design becoming unclear. If you still like the original shape, you can enhance your current landscape bed with edging to redefine the border between the bed and the lawn. Or, if you want to go for something a bit different, you can reshape your landscape bed entirely to create a different design element that may mesh better with other elements you've added since the original bed was put in. Either way, creating a clean line between your bed and lawn will go a long way in making your property look well-manicured and intentionally designed!

2. Add New Plants to Your Landscape Beds

Japanese maple tree planted in landscape bed in Holland, MI.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to refresh your landscape beds is by adding new plants! They'll bring new colors, textures, and overall interest to your landscape, and it's always nice to keep it updated with your current style. If you add in native plants where possible, you'll have a great crossroads of beautiful plants with low-maintenance upkeep!

For our area in Michigan, some common native plants that can spruce up your landscape beds are:

  • Spruce Tree
  • Japanese Maple Tree
  • Boxwood
  • Hydrangea
  • Daylily
  • Viburnum
  • Cypress
  • Ornamental grasses
  • ... and more!

Installing a new softscape in your landscape beds will also do wonders for your curb appeal!

3. Replenish Your Ground Cover

Gloved professional adding more mulch to landscape bed in Hudsonville, MI.

Another big factor that affects the look of your landscaping beds is your ground cover. Whether you're using mulch or rock, as time goes by and the elements wear on your ground cover, your mulch can lose color and break down, or the rock may not match your current style. By replenishing your ground cover, you're not only improving the look of your landscape beds, but also improving the health of your landscaping plants. Ground coverings will help improve moisture retention in the soil and block weeds from growing!

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At Rose Landscape Services, we're dedicated to leaving every landscape better than we found it. Spring is the perfect time to give your property a fresh start, and we are more than happy to help you get it into its best form! Our team can guide you every step of the way, making sure your design choices mesh with the rest of your landscape with services like softscapes and plantings or new ground cover installations. Or for maintenance like landscape bed reshaping and edging, we can make sure your beds are looking as sharp as ever! These services are available in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and surrounding cities in Michigan. If you're ready to upgrade your landscape beds, call us at (616) 293-0361 today to schedule any of our landscaping services!