The hassle of removing snow from your property seems to grow bigger and bigger every winter! Find some peace of mind this season by hiring a local snow removal company to remove the snow from your home. Allowing snow removal professionals to take care of your walkways and driveway this winter will not only remove the risk of preventable injuries, but will also give you back your time to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Besides removing snow, the dangers of black ice also rear their ugly head around wintertime. Do not spend another winter season slaving away in your driveway, shoveling snow and picking ice! Call in your local professional snow removal team today to assist you.

1. Professional snow removal gives you your time back.

A homeowner without professional help plowing their home in the cold in Hudsonville, MI.

Spending hours upon hours shoveling snow in freezing temperatures is never ideal. Say goodbye to waking up at the crack of dawn just to dig your car out of the snow! Early mornings in the winter can be blisteringly cold; who wants to have to bundle up each morning to haul snow out of their driveway when they could hire professionals to do it instead? Stay snuggled up in your warm, cozy bed this winter by hiring professional snow removal services; it will give you your time back to relax and enjoy the winter season with friends and family.

2. You will prevent snow removal-related injuries.

Driveway partially cleared from ice and snow that could create injuries in Cascade, MI.

Anyone who has ever shoveled the snow on their property knows that snow is heavy! Removing snow yourself can put you at risk for cuts, bruises, and back and knee injuries. Snow removal-related injuries are far more common than you might think; in 2019 alone, snow shoveling resulted in an average of over 11,000 injuries, including about 100 fatalities. Elderly homeowners are particularly susceptible to these injuries that are entirely preventable by hiring a snow removal team to complete the hefty task of clearing your driveway for you. Take the danger out of snow removal this winter and hire professionals to safely remove the snow from your property.

3. With professional snow removal, you will not have to worry about black ice.

Deicing salt being poured over a walkway in Grand Rapids, MI.

The term "black ice" is a bit misleading, as this ice is typically transparent. However, this makes black ice all the more dangerous, especially for homeowners. In fact, your driveway could be covered in black ice in a matter of hours! Similar to the dangers of shoveling snow, black ice poses its own risks. Black ice most commonly forms late at night or in the early mornings, when temperatures are at their coldest and ice re-freezes the fastest. For homeowners who leave early in the morning or get home late, black ice is quite dangerous and could cause falls. You could always invest in preventative measures such as salting your driveway or clearing the ice yourself, but who has the time? The best way to prevent these falls is to get rid of black ice altogether with a professional snow removal and deicing service.

Many professional snow removal packages also include deicing services to keep you safe from the dangers of black ice.

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