A lot of homeowners neglect to install adequate outdoor lighting for their property. It not only lights up the exterior of your property, but it also enhances your curb appeal and promotes safety. Consider the following reasons why your home needs outdoor lighting.

We design and install custom LED outdoor lighting for properties in Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, and surrounding Michigan locations.

1) Enjoy outside recreation at nighttime with outdoor lighting options.

If you have active young children or enjoy playing driveway basketball, there's no reason to be confined inside once it falls dark outside. We offer lighting options that let you get the most use out of your property even once the sun goes down. You can enjoy dinner on your patio area and host outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and sports games without the need for temporary lighting solutions.

2) Outdoor lighting highlights your property at night.

Outdoor lighting done for a house in East Grand Rapids, MI.

There's no reason you can only marvel at your landscape during the daytime. Outdoor lighting is an effective way to bring your property alive at night. With uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, and spotlighting options, you can highlight stand-out features in your yard. You can choose which features you want to be lit up and how you want them to look at night with our custom outdoor lighting installation services.

3) Outdoor lighting is a great security measure.

Proper outdoor lighting allows you to know what's going on around your home. When positioned properly, you can light up dim areas like:

  • Garages
  • Front porches
  • Back porches
  • Driveways
  • The perimeter of your property

With a properly-lit exterior, you can better view the activity of suspicious figures around your home. Plus, well-lit properties aren't inviting to a criminal. An intruder will be more likely to target a dark home than an illuminated one. If you want to improve your property's security, invest in lighting options all around your home's exterior. They serve as great burglar deterrents that make thieves look elsewhere.

Our contractors offer the installation of motion-activated lights. These lights save you money and only come on when people are around.

If you prefer to manually turn your lights on or have them set on a timer, our landscape lighting contractors have lighting solutions for you.

4) Outdoor lighting offers increased safety for your residents and visitors.

While outdoor lighting deters thieves and helps you spot possible intruders, it's also useful for increasing visibility for your residents and guests. Even though it may appear safe, your yard may contain holes that can lead to trips or falls. Other tripping hazards include:

  • Pool decks
  • Steps
  • Fences
  • Garden gnomes and other decorative features
  • Natural hazards like fallen branches and pinecones
  • Walkways that are wet from rainfall or your sprinklers

Promote safety on your property with our custom outdoor light solutions. You can opt for outdoor motion-activated lights installed for safety and efficiency. They will only turn on when someone needs to see that particular area.

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