It's undeniable how installing perennial shrubs on your property can boost your curb appeal. Colorful shrubs create an inviting and dreamy look that will make your neighbors' heads turn as they walk by your yard. The ultimate benefit of a spiced-up landscape with vibrant perennials is the satisfaction that they will grow back every year!

If you are looking to brighten your landscape design, here are five perennial shrubs you may consider that will give brilliance to your lawn. We provide planting services of these shrubs to areas around Grand Rapids, and Ada, MI. Learn more about how perennial shrubs provide aesthetic benefits while remaining low-maintenance.

1. Boxwood

A boxwood shrub on a property in Grand Rapids, MI.

Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that can revitalize your garden with its lush green leaves. This perennial shrub is an excellent staple to landscapes because of its ability to thrive in sunny and shady areas. Its versatility allows it to be planted as an individual shrub that can soften the corners of your blooming beds or as a hedge that will create boundaries around your property.

Boxwoods are also perfect for topiary, the process of trimming and shaping plants and shrubs into stunning designs. These designs can go from simple geometric shapes to intricate ones.

Aside from boxwood's structure and versatility, this perennial shrub can adapt very well to cold and hot weather. With Michigan experiencing both the freezing snow and warm summers, it's wise to add boxwood to your landscape.

2. Michigan Holly

Close up of a Michigan Holly branch in Ada, MI.

When looking for a plant to bring color to your yard during the snowy weather, you don't have to look further. Michigan holly is a deciduous shrub that requires little maintenance but brings life to your landscape with its vibrant color.

The magic happens during the autumn season when its green leaves drop to make way for its bright red berries known as winterberry. The Michigan holly also serves as nesting sites for songbirds with its twiggy stems, while its berries are food to red squirrels, catbirds, and thrushes, and more.

The Michigan holly is also a dioecious shrub. This means that their male and female blossoms appear on separate plants as opposed to the same plant. Male and female Michigan Holly shrubs should be planted together because the female flower requires the male plant to pollinate.

The red aesthetic of Michigan holly is best planted near your vibrant green boxwoods for dashing winter color.

3. Hydrangea

Multicolored hydrangeas on a property in Cascade, MI.

The beauty of hydrangeas can easily make them the star of your garden or as a supporting flower in the background. This perennial shrub is known for its alluring multi-flower blooms that can grow in your garden or containers. On top of these, hydrangeas are also pest-resistant. Although some snails and slugs are attracted to certain types of these shrubs, warding them off is easy.

Hydrangeas prefer being planted in the shade. The more sunlight your hydrangeas receive, the more water they require to maintain their bloom. Hydrangeas' famous large foliage is also perfect to increase the privacy on your property. Their leaves change from green to a purple-tinged color in the winter, with blooms ranging from whites, pinks, and blue.

4. Viburnum

Viburnum branches on a property in East Grand Rapids, MI.

The viburnum plant is another versatile and undemanding shrub that Michigan homeowners should consider. According to Clemson University, about 150 species of this perennial shrub are native to North America and Asia, making them a low-maintenance option. These perennials make a great addition to your landscape design with their white flowers, black or red berries, and a glossy dark green leaf.

The dense shrubs of viburnum serve well as a hedge or as a backdrop with their sturdy branches. Meanwhile, their white blooms also provide color and structure to your landscape design.

5. New Jersey Tea

A New Jersey tea plant on a property in Grandville, MI.

The New Jersey tea plant is also a deciduous shrub that grows small white flowers during mid-summer. This low-growing shrub makes for a great border highlight and ground cover. Its nectar-bearing flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies, further boosting your curb appeal as it looks like your lawn is from a fantasy world.

Additional benefits of New Jersey tea include:

  • Its root bark is used by herbalists for medicinal purposes
  • Green, red, and cinnamon-colored dye can be obtained from their roots

Can you imagine the colors these perennials can bring to your landscape? Call our team today!

There's no doubt how stunning your yard will be after adding these perennials to your landscape design. Aside from these five brilliant shrubs, you can also choose from our wide variety of plant options. We dedicate our efforts to bringing you top-quality landscaping services that always exceed your expectations.

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