Are you looking to transform your landscape and refresh the visual aesthetics of your home in Michigan? If so, there are a few things you can add to perk up its looks! Fresh plants do a great job of giving your landscape some much-needed color and making it look more lively. You can also install a mulch or rock ground cover to make your landscape beds look more manicured. Finally, the beauty of your landscape should not get lost in the dark, so you can even add outdoor lighting to illuminate it and highlight the interesting features of your property!

1. Fresh Plants

Adding a boost of color to your landscape through fresh plants and flowers is a surefire way to give it a much-needed facelift. Before adding any new plants, you'll first want to remove the old and dead ones to make way for the new additions to your landscape beds. In full bloom, these plants and flowers will create a carpet of various vibrant colors, bringing life and character to your property! For example, hydrangeas are a charming choice that boasts extravagant flower heads and timeless beauty. You can also consider planting daylilies, whose trumpet-shaped flowers can make your landscape a true standout.

2. Mulch or Rock

Mulch or rock ground covers are another addition to your landscape that will revitalize its appearance. Whether you use mulch or rock, a pristine and well-maintained ground cover will keep it manicured and attractive. They cover the soil in your landscape beds and serve as a backdrop for your colorful plants, making them pop and stand out. Aside from elevating the aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds, a ground cover will also help retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent weed growth. This will aid in keeping your plants healthy and looking more beautiful!

Mulch decomposes over time and releases nutrients into the soil as it does, but you'll need to replenish it annually to keep it fresh and beneficial for your plants.

3. Outdoor Lighting

With your landscape's meticulously designed aesthetic, there's no reason you should only be able to enjoy its beauty during the daytime. Fortunately, you can illuminate your landscape at night by installing outdoor lighting! Placing light fixtures throughout your property will brighten up your outdoor space so you can take pride in its beauty at night as much as you do when the sun is out. You can also take advantage of different outdoor lighting techniques to effectively highlight the unique features of your landscape! Here are some common techniques that you can use:

  • Silhouetting: This technique is great for topiaries and statues because it will highlight their intricate shapes and make them look more interesting.
  • Wall-washing: If you have vast walls on your property, wall-washing will illuminate them and cast a subtle glow over their surroundings. This is also ideal if you want to make a small space look bigger!
  • Uplighting: This technique involves placing the lighting fixture below your desired landscape element and pointing it upwards to showcase its beauty. It works great for lush trees and shrubs!

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