Using pavers to build your new driveway is a great decision. Not only are they a great return on investment and proven to last a long time, but they are also able to withstand a large amount of pressure and foot traffic. If you're going to be continuously driving one or more cars over your new pavers, it's important to know that they can handle the weight!

Once you decide that you want to use pavers as your building material for your new driveway, the next step is to decide between the many different types of patterns. Each type offers a design and texture. Basketweave, herringbone, and stack bond pavers are just a few that are outlined below. Keep reading to learn the difference between these paver patterns and decide which one is best for your style and your landscape!

Popular Paver Patterns Include Basketweave, Herringbone, & Stack Bond

With pavers, you can easily create custom designs and layouts depending on what pattern you choose. Here are some of the most common paver patterns you can use for your new driveway:


Basketweave patterns look like alternating directions between vertical and horizontal pairs. This pattern gives a vintage appearance to your driveway (it has a historic origin stemming from Old English landscapes).


Herringbone patterns go in alternate directions making V shapes in the layout. There are two types of herringbone patterns: 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The 45-degree angle makes the pavers appear diagonal, adding a strong visual effect. The 90-degree angle has a simpler design but is most favorable because it prevents the pavers from shifting, especially in heavy use areas such as a driveway.

Stack Bond

Stack bond patterns have pavers stacked on top of one another, sitting flush with the paver below it. This allows for linear cutting of the pavers, making it easy to keep everything straight and parallel.

Running Bond

Running bond is a common pattern that is simple to lay and easy to install. Running bond incorporates strong linear lines, which are laid side by side. The linear lines can make your driveway look longer or wider, depending on the direction of the layout.

Five Stone

Five stone patterns consist of five differently-sized stones: arena, plaza, park, holland, and half holland. These stones will create a stunning layout for your driveway.

Our professional designers can help you choose which pattern best meets your style and matches your landscape.

Use Pavers for Improved Curb Appeal, ROI, Longevity, & More

A patterned driveway surrounded by landscaping at a home in Grand Rapids, MI.

Paving your driveway brings functionality and elegance to your home. Pavers come in various materials such as brick, natural stone, and concrete to accommodate all of your needs.

There are many benefits when it comes to installing paved driveways, including the following:

  • Improved curb appeal - A paved driveway design drastically adds to the overall aesthetic of your landscape.
  • ROI (return on investment) - A new, functional driveway helps increase your property's market value. Paved driveways are the best choice when it comes to parking your vehicle because pavers are compact and slip-resistant. In addition, driveways paved with brick or natural stone have higher resale value due to their longer lifespan.
  • Longevity - Pavers can last up to 50 years more than poured concrete because of their sturdier material (pavers are four times stronger than poured concrete) and easy repair process.
  • Easier to repair - Although pavers last a while, time and use will inevitably wear them down. However, the repair process is simple. You can remove, replace, and repair only the affected pavers instead of overhauling your entire driveway.

Contact our team for help with choosing the best paver pattern for your new driveway.

Pavers not only transform your driveway from a plain and cold slab to an eye-catching hardscape, but they also boost your home’s value and require minimal maintenance. They also offer many different materials and pattern options that vary in texture, shape, and color. Get help choosing the right paver patterns for your driveway by reaching out to our experts at Rose Landscape Services.

We provide custom driveway design and installations for residential and commercial properties throughout Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and other nearby areas in Michigan. We can recommend the appropriate material that will best complement and enhance your surroundings. Call us at (616) 293-0361 to schedule a consultation today!