Your lawn is one of your home's major focal points. It's the first thing that your visitors see when they arrive at your property. As a proud homeowner, you likely want your property's exterior to look its best.

Our team offers professional sod installation services for homes in Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding communities.

If your yard has suffered neglect or poor service, it may be time to get new sod. Here are three specific reasons that you may need to get new sod for your yard in Grand Rapids.

1. New sod can offer easier lawn maintenance.

Your current sod may have been poorly installed by another company. Or, maybe your current type of sod is difficult to maintain or doesn't grow well in Michigan's climate. Here at Rose Landscape Services, we can install sod that will thrive in the Grand Rapids area. To offer you a simple lawn maintenance process, we typically install Kentucky bluegrass for your residential yard.

To ensure the installation process goes successfully, we kill off and remove your existing lawn. From there, we can lay down new rolls of sod. When we're finished servicing your lawn, you will be left with a lush lawn that will grow for years and add value to your property.

2. Sod offers a quick solution to a bare lawn.

A bare lawn is unattractive and can decrease your property value. Lawns can acquire bare spots due to reasons like:

  • Heavy foot traffic by children, visitors, and pets
  • Disease
  • Drought
  • Insect or weed infestation
  • Chemical burn from fertilizers

If you want to revitalize a bare yard, some professionals will tell you to recruit seeding services. While these methods can be effective, they come with some significant disadvantages including:

  • Greater maintenance in the initial stages
  • Increased weed competition
  • Longer maturation period

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. However, we recommend sodding services for a quick and effective solution to remediate a bare lawn.

3. New sod can offer effective erosion control.

If the health of your landscape's plants has suffered due to erosion, new sod can offer effective erosion control. Sod works to keep your yard's soil in place from the moment it's installed. This immediate erosion control can greatly benefit a yard with hilled or sloped sections.

Limit foot traffic on your new sod for two to three weeks. By allowing it time to take root, your sod will offer effective erosion control for years to come.

Do you need new sod for your yard in Grand Rapids, MI? Call us today.

Taking on the sod installation process yourself is arduous work. It involves heavy manual labor and careful calculations to ensure you purchase the right amount of product. If you would like new sod installed for your yard in Grand Rapids, MI, our team can help.

By recruiting us to take on the sod installation process for your Grand Rapids lawn, you'll save a significant amount of time and resources. Call us today at (616) 293-0361 for professional sod installation services in Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding areas.