Deciding which hardscape to add to your property can be difficult. There are so many different options depending on what you hope to achieve with your new hardscape. If you are a homeowner looking to add a bold, unique statement piece to your home while also increasing your property value, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect option for you. There are many different materials to choose from when building an outdoor fireplace, and you can customize it to the shape and size you want. So, when it comes to designing an outdoor fireplace, the options are virtually endless!

Your outdoor fireplace design options are virtually endless.

A custom built square fire pit installed on back patio in Ada, MI.

When designing your custom outdoor fireplace, you can choose from a variety of material options including brick, cement, or natural stone. There are virtually endless design options so your outdoor fireplace can fit your specific needs and preferences. Designing a custom outdoor fireplace is a great opportunity to get creative with your property and build something functional yet aesthetically pleasing. You also get the opportunity to choose if you want a gas or wood-burning outdoor fireplace. Both designs have pros and cons, so it is best to consult with your local landscaping professionals to help you decide which one works better for you. Your local landscaping team can also help you decide exactly what you want out of your new fire feature; for example, where would an outdoor fireplace make the most sense with your landscape design? Your local landscapers can also assist you with adhering to the local coding rules.

You can design a custom outdoor fireplace to be the exact size and shape that you want.

When it comes to designing your custom outdoor fireplace, you'll be able to create one that's just the size and shape that you want. If you have a large family or group of friends and have get-togethers with your loved ones often, you will want to supplement that with a larger outdoor fireplace. If you are wanting a cozy, close-knit space to enjoy around a fire, you can choose to build a smaller outdoor fireplace. No matter what size you choose, you'll also be able to decide what shape you want it to be in. Whether you want it to be straight so it can go against a wall, or want it to curve to provide more of a statement, you can choose an option that's right for you.

An outdoor fireplace can significantly raise your property value.

A fire pit adding value to a property in Grand Rapids, MI.

Outdoor living spaces in general can add significant value to your property, but a custom fire feature is even more beneficial. That's because they add a beautiful focal point to a property, making them stand out, which is an attractive feature for potential buyers. If you decide to list your property for sale, you can ask for more money when you have an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great investment because they can net around an 80% ROI.

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