Fall cleanup should be a regular part of Michigan property maintenance.

Fall in Michigan means lots of leaves and debris, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find property owners that genuinely enjoy the cleanup process. Professional cleanup services can save you time and effort and give you a lawn that’s tidy and prepared for winter.

Rose Landscape Services offers professional fall services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade and other nearby areas of Michigan. Read on to learn what’s involved in fall lawn cleanup and why it matters.

Leaf and debris removal

A Rose Landscape Services work truck removing leaves from a Ada, MI property.

One aspect of fall cleanup involves getting rid of all those leaves! Depending on your property, leaf coverage can get pretty heavy, and professional cleanup means not only raking up the leaves but also taking them away.

As breezy fall weather kicks in, debris also starts to clutter the yard. Removing leaves and debris will leave you with a cleaner property that’s ready for winter.

Landscaping maintenance

The fall cleanup process means more than just clearing away leaves, brush, and fallen branches. In addition to debris removal, maintenance will also include:

  • Bed reshaping – Beds have a tendency to get ragged as grass grows, plants thrive, and leaves coat everything. Part of fall cleanup involves reshaping the bed edges to make them neat and clean.
  • Weed pulling – We love it when our planned plants and grass grow, but that also means weeds grow as well. Fall weeding will give your landscaping more room to grow in the spring and stop weeds in their tracks before they have an opportunity to reseed.
  • Plant trimming – Fall is the perfect time to prune shrubs and trees, and it’s also the time to trim back summer plants that are not longer in bloom.

Mulching and replanting

Mulch bed being prepared for winter at a Grand Rapids, MI property.

When everything has been cleared away, beds will need to be prepared for winter, which involves mulching to keep plant roots warmer and removing dead plants. Fall is also the time to plant some shrub perennials.

Benefits of cleanup services

Fall cleanup not only looks good, but it also helps create a healthier lawn. Fallen leaves pile up over time and turn into an unsightly, slimy mess. It’s not nice to look at, but it is also damaging your yard long-term.

The mass of leaves and debris, if left to sit, will get covered in snow and choke out your grass and plants. The leaves block the sun and can also create an environment where mold and disease can thrive.

In addition, leaving the remains of fall on the ground will make it that much harder to remove snow later from areas like patios and walkways.

Are you ready for a clean lawn with minimal effort? Call us today!

Don’t let your lawn suffer from the after effects of fall. If you have a residential or commercial property in Grand Rapids, Ada, or surrounding areas of Michigan, Rose Landscape Services can help clean up your lawn and get it ready for winter. Contact us today at (616) 293-0361 to speak to one of our team members and get an estimate.