Are you searching for a new addition that will spruce up your outdoor living space? A retaining wall is a great choice to serve both your functional and decorative needs for your property.

While the main purpose of a retaining wall is to retain the soil that is behind it, it can be used for other purposes as well. A retaining wall will add more functional space as it levels out a portion of your property. There is also a lot of flexibility during the design process, including the height and materials used. Continue reading to find out more about retaining walls and how they double as both functional and decorative additions to your landscape.

The main purpose of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion.

Retaining walls are structures that are designed to hold the soil that is behind them. If you have a sloped property, a retaining wall will become your best friend! It serves as a barrier to protect soil from sliding down your slope during heavy rainfall. This will save your property from the damage that comes along with extensive soil erosion and it will also save you from having to perform and pay for damage control!

Retaining walls also serve as decorative focal points for your property.

Aside from being functional, retaining walls can also add aesthetic appeal to your landscape, thus improving your property value. What was once a sloped, unusable space can be turned into a stunning and decorative focal point for your landscape. Add a raised garden to the new, flat surface you have available or build the wall around your outdoor fire pit to double as seating for guests!

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Retaining walls can be made out of many different, durable materials.

Backyard retaining walls in Grandville, Michigan.

Put your own personal touch on your retaining wall with the material that you use. Some common materials that we typically build retaining walls out of include:

  • Concrete Blocks - If your goal is to build a curved retaining wall, concrete blocks are a good choice. They are also very durable and can withstand the test of time and natural elements. Concrete blocks come in many shapes and sizes and are very low maintenance.
  • Boulders - There is no doubt that retaining walls made of boulders will last for a long time. For property owners going for a more rustic, natural look for their design, boulders will certainly add to that aesthetic. They are also on the cheaper side, as they are easy to obtain. Boulders are great for larger properties, as they can be quite large and you won't want them to eat up most of your space.
  • Natural stone - Natural stones are durable and offer a lot of choices when it comes to design. You can go for different textures and colors depending on the theme you want to achieve. This is a great choice to unleash your creativity!

Custom Retaining Walls We've Built

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