Sod is a great way to establish a new lawn, as it's pre-grown grass that will look beautiful and lush immediately following installation. However, you'll want to use the right type to ensure it can survive in the climate here in Michigan, and that's why you should opt for Kentucky bluegrass sod! It consists of cool-season grass, meaning it's better suited for the weather conditions in our area. Additionally, Kentucky bluegrass can withstand various stressors, rapidly recover from damage, and develop deep roots. It is also known for its density and lush, vibrant green grass. With this sod, you won't just boast a beautiful lawn but a strong, resilient one, too!

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Consists of Cool-Season Grass That Thrives in the Climate in Michigan

Kentucky bluegrass sod is ideal for establishing a new lawn here in Michigan because it consists of cool-season grass. As the name implies, cool-season grass thrives in cooler climates and will have an easier time establishing and growing in our area. Not only that, but this sod type also has excellent cold tolerance and can withstand periods of frigid temperatures that would otherwise damage others.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Can Withstand Stressors & Rapidly Recover From Damage

Another great benefit of using Kentucky bluegrass sod to establish your new lawn in Michigan is its ability to withstand various stressors. For example, it can tolerate wear and tear and frequent foot traffic, making it perfect if your lawn usually sees a lot of daily use. Kentucky bluegrass is also highly resistant to fungal diseases and can naturally fight off infections. But wait, that's not all - one of its most notable advantages is its ability to recover from damage rapidly! This durability will make for a strong, resilient new lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass spreads quickly through underground rhizomes, also giving it the trait of rapid damage recovery.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Develops Deep Roots & Is Known for Its Density

Deep roots are a lawn's best friend, and that's just what Kentucky bluegrass sod will achieve. This sod type will develop expansive, robust root systems, and because of this, it is also known for its density. Not only is a thick, dense turf more aesthetically appealing, but it's also more defensively adept, which sets it up for long-standing success.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Will Yield a Lush, Green Lawn

Everyone's dream lawn is full of lush, green grass, and that's another advantage of using Kentucky bluegrass sod to establish a new one in Michigan. Kentucky bluegrass is known for its vibrant, desirable color, so this sod type is ideal if you find a great source of pride in adorning your property with a stunning lawn. After all, it heavily impacts its curb appeal and impression on passersby, and you can trust that it won't disappoint!

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