Mulch is a type of ground covering that can enhance the aesthetics of your landscape beds and provide benefits to your plants! So, if you're looking for an efficient way to add a sprinkle of magic to your landscape, don't fret — you just need to install your choice of mulch into your landscape beds. Now, the overall decision is obviously a no-brainer. Of course, you should install mulch! But, the real question is about when you should have it installed in your landscape beds. The answer is simple — springtime! Besides looking absolutely fantastic, mulch can protect your plants if strategically installed during the spring in Grand Rapids, MI. During this season, plants grow at an increased rate. The summertime is also not too far away. With the sun getting hotter and the weeds seemingly growing quicker, a layer of mulch is the perfect way to combat these seasonal changes! That's because mulch can help suppress weed growth, regulate soil temperature, and even help your soil retain moisture!

Mulch can help suppress spring weeds!

Mulch added to walkway and landscape bed in Marne, MI.

After a long period of dormancy, the plants in your landscape beds are itching to grow using all the energy they conserved in the winter! Springtime essentially marks a period of growth and blossoming for both the plants you adore and the weeds that you absolutely despise. This is exactly what makes it the perfect season to have mulch installed in your landscape beds.

If fledgling weeds can't get enough sunlight, then they can't grow. Luckily, a layer of mulch can help block the sun's rays from reaching sprouting weeds. suppressing their growth. This can save you the heartache of watching unsightly, pesky plants take resources and nutrients from your flowers and shrubs! What's more, mulch can prevent new weed seeds from reaching the soil in the first place, so they'll never have a chance to grow!

A layer of mulch should be 2-3 inches thick. If the mulch is thicker or thinner, it won't benefit your landscape beds!

Mulch can regulate the temperature of the soil in your landscape beds!

Landscape bed with added mulch for plantings in Grand Rapids, MI.

Installing mulch can bring a plentitude of benefits to your landscape beds. However, one of the most important benefits involves temperature regulation. Because the mulch acts like a barrier, it can help keep sunlight from heating up your soil and even affecting the roots of your plants. This can help your plants blossom and look healthy.

When springtime rolls back around here in Michigan, you can expect warmer weather and brighter days to follow shortly in the summer. Take this opportunity to install a mulch ground covering to equip your landscape beds for the summertime.

Mulch can help your soil retain moisture in the summer!

Aside from regulating soil temperature, mulch can prevent the moisture in your soil from evaporating! When the sun heats up your landscape beds in the summer, the moisture can evaporate due to the warm temperatures. By installing a layer of mulch in the spring, you can help your soil retain moisture.

The mulch prevents the moisture in your soil from evaporating by sitting on top of the soil and helping block harsh weather elements like a barrier. This means your plants can absorb the water they need to stay colorful and bright.

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