Fall leaves definitely have a certain appeal to them; they coat your yard with warm autumn colors and help you get in the mood for shorter days and cooler months. While letting these golden leaves accumulate in your yard may seem harmless, they actually pose many health risks to your lawn and those who walk across it.

Allowing a layer of leaves to accumulate on your lawn kills your grass, promotes diseases and mold, and hides dangerous pests that can be lethal to people and pets who come into contact with them. If you live in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, and the surrounding areas of Michigan, here is how your yard benefits from leaf removal services.

Your Lawn Can Grow Unhindered

Warm autumn leaves may add color to your yard, but they kill your grass. Your lawn needs access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy. A blanket of leaves suffocates your lawn by blocking these essential ingredients it needs to grow. Without proper sunlight, your grass can’t go through photosynthesis and therefore is unable to absorb nutrients it needs to thrive. Leaf removal services like the ones offered by Rose Landscape Services remove all leaves from your yard and ensure your lawn can breathe and have access to all the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy throughout the season.

Removing Leaves Removes Diseases, Fungi, & Mold

Leaf clutter across your yard poses potential health issues for not only your lawn but your loved ones as well. Damp, rotting leaves create a thick, wet blanket across your lawn that traps in moisture. This is the perfect environment for diseases, fungi, and mold to grow. Mold is harmful to your lawn and landscape, and especially harmful to your own health. Walking through a thick layer of dead leaves kicks up mold and releases toxic spores into the air around you. If you or your pets breathe in these mold spores, you can suffer severe respiratory complications, dizziness, and other dangerous health issues. Removing leaf clutter prevents moisture from getting trapped underneath and eliminates mold and other dangerous diseases.

Keep your lawn healthy and free of dangerous spiders and pests by investing in fall leaf removal services.

Leaf Removal Eliminates Dangerous Pests

A closeup of a black widow in a homeowner's yard in Cascade, MI.

When people allow leaves to accumulate across their yard, they often forget pests like spiders and snakes often burrow down beneath the blanket for shelter and warmth. Neglecting to remove these leaves puts you, your family, and your pets in harm’s way every time they walk across your yard. Tramping through these leaves kicks them up and sends dangerous pests scurrying, often into your direct path. If bitten, a person or pet can become very ill, and sometimes the results can be fatal. Removing dead leaves and keeping your yard free of debris eliminates hiding places for pests and lessens the likelihood of you or a loved one coming into contact with a hazard.

We'll take care of your leaf piles with our curbside leaf pickup service!

Fall is almost upon us and soon thousands of leaves will begin to fall and clutter lawns throughout Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, MI and the nearby areas. Make sure that those leaves don't get a chance to pile up on your lawn! Bring them to your curb and we'll handle the rest. Our team offers a curbside leaf pickup service, where we'll swing by with our vacuum truck and haul away your leaf piles. Call us at (616) 293-0361 today!