An outdoor kitchen on its own is impressive. But, property owners in Michigan can go a little further and wow their guests by adding certain features to it. Add a sink to your outdoor kitchen so you can wash off your hands, plates, and much more. Install an oven to keep food warm and to bake all types of delicacies. If you're a pizza fanatic, use a pizza oven for an interactive, versatile cooking experience with guests. Forget coolers — avoid taking up extra space and install a built-in refrigerator. It can go right next to your pizza oven for easy access to mozzarella and pizza dough. Finally, dazzle with a custom outdoor lighting system so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen at night!

1. An outdoor sink can make taking care of messes easier.

A sink installed with an outdoor kitchen build in Walker, MI.

Everyone knows cooking can get messy. Whether you're hosting a barbeque or making a pizza, your plates, cooking utensils, and hands will likely get covered in food. Luckily, you can make taking care of messes a whole lot easier by adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen. When you have a sink installed, you won't have to worry about dirtying door knobs or carrying plates inside to wash them, making them a convenient feature to add to your outdoor kitchen.

2. Add an oven to your outdoor kitchen so you can prepare meals outside.

Oven installed with outdoor kitchen in Comstock Park, MI.

When hosting an outdoor gathering, the last thing you want to do is be stuck inside cooking while everyone else is outside having a good time. To avoid this, you can add an oven to your outdoor kitchen. This way, you can prepare meals outside while still being able to mingle with your guests.

3. A pizza oven is an interactive feature both you and your guests can enjoy.

A pizza oven installed with outdoor kitchen hardscape in Coopersville, MI.

Pizza ovens are fun, interactive appliances that give you the opportunity to cook alongside your guests. Take this unique opportunity to decorate pizza with your guests or to even use the versatile tool to cook other delicious dishes, like bread and vegetable recipes. Here are two options you'll have when picking a pizza oven to install:

  • Wood-burning pizza oven: A wood-burning oven uses wood to cook pizza.
  • Gas-burning pizza oven: A gas-burning oven uses natural gas to cook pizza.

4. Get an outdoor refrigerator to save yourself from having to make time-consuming trips inside.

If you're cooking pizzas, vegetables, and meats, you may need a convenient place to keep your ingredients cool and fresh. Avoid having to make time-consuming trips inside to grab food or drinks by adding an outdoor refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor refrigerator will allow your guests to grab beverages without having to go inside!

5. Install an outdoor lighting system to increase visibility at night.

Outdoor lighting installed around outdoor kitchen in Grand Rapids, MI.

If you want to be able to use your outdoor kitchen at night, you should invest in an outdoor lighting system. Custom outdoor lighting helps you make the most of your outdoor living space, even at night. With lighting, you can cook, bake, and eat outside without having to worry about your visibility. Before hiring a company to install outdoor lighting around your outdoor kitchen, make sure that they will be using LED lights. That's because LED lights are energy efficient, long-lasting, and beautiful.

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